The Best Time for Tree Removal

And Reasons Not to Wait

DIY Tree Removal

With the fall winds whipping and the leaves all gone, you may be looking at your tree branches swaying and considering your options. Sometimes the conditions will warrant extreme measures. Now you have to consider the best time for tree removal.

Reasons to Remove a Tree

Whether a tree is diseased or damaged, complete removal should be the last resort. The disease can be treated and damage can be pruned, but here are several reasons why you’ll want to remove a tree:

Hazard. A tree that’s upright but is slowly decaying and is full of dead branches may be beyond repair. These branches become even more of a risk during harsh weather. Weakened branches can break and fall on your property or passersby. Not only will you be dealing with damage, but you could have bigger problems if the branch breaks and affects another family.

Nutrient-Hog. If a tree or stump is dead or severely diseased, it’s not only a threat to you but other plants in the area. Surrounding plants are not only prone to catching whatever disease has struck but neighboring plants are also being denied nutrients still going to the tree.

Better Use of Space. If you’re planning to take out a dead or diseased tree, try to do it sooner rather than later. The quicker the tree is gone, the faster the rest of the area can recover from the removal process.

Technically, a tree can be removed any time of year. You don’t want to wait if the tree is a major hazard to your property. But if you wanted to choose an ideal time for tree removal, it would be the winter.

The Best Time for Tree Removal

When you wait until winter when the tree is dormant, you make the tree removal process easier. Typically, the leaves are gone, making it less of a mess and easier to see where to cut a branch.

Plus, all of the surrounding grass and plants will either be dormant or dead for the season. This way, the process of dropping a tree in your yard with large machinery is less of a detriment. The frozen ground helps to protect the surrounding soil and grass. By the time the growing season starts again, your tree will be gone, and the surrounding plants can benefit from more nutrients.

Professional Tree Removal

Just because winter is an easier season to remove a tree doesn’t mean the process is easier for you to do yourself, especially if the tree is large and unstable. It’s always a good idea to have a professional tree service take care of tree removal, no matter the season.

Contact Elite Tree Care if you’re thinking about having a tree removed. After an initial consultation, we’ll determine what the best course of action could be for you and your tree. This way you’ll protect your property, plants, and person while getting the job done right.

Tree Removal Guide

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