Why Winter is the Best Time for Tree Removal

And When You Shouldn’t Wait

Nature is a beautiful thing. Having trees in your yard is a blessing and offers many benefits to you, your property, and the environment. However, sometimes factors beyond your control require you to consider tree removal. If this is the case, learn why winter is the best time for tree removal and when you shouldn’t wait.

Reasons to Remove a Tree

Tree removal is not an easy or inexpensive process. This is why you should think long and hard about considering it. If you think a tree needs to come down, you should also get the opinion of a certified arborist to make sure there are no other viable options. Here are a few reasons why you should remove a tree:

  • Incurable disease or infestation
  • A large portion of decay
  • Growing too close to a structure or utility lines
  • Too much storm damage
  • More of a hazard to the surrounding area

If after consulting with a professional, it’s determined a tree is better off being removed than being treated, the next question is…when?

Why Winter is the Best Time for Tree Removal

Technically, you can remove a tree any time of year. However, there’s a certain season when it’s easier. Winter is an ideal time for tree removal because of the following factors:

  • No leaves to get in the way makes it lighter and easier to see where to cut branches
  • Less damage to dormant grass and surrounding plants
  • Tree companies are not as busy

While winter may be the ideal season for tree removal, there are certain situations when you shouldn’t wait.

When to Immediately Remove a Tree

Large trees can quickly become a safety hazard in certain situations. Dead and diseased trees are weak and prone to large branches breaking off or falling over altogether. While this may not be a major issue out in the forest, it is a problem in your backyard. Don’t delay tree removal if you notice any of these signs:

  • Extensive leaning over a structure
  • Exposed roots
  • Decaying or split trunk
  • Large broken branches

Contact Elite Tree Care if you see any signs your tree could be a hazard. We’ll help determine if it should be immediately removed, treated, or what other options may be available.

Tree Removal Guide

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