Earth Day Tree Care

Plant Today & Enjoy for Years

How did you celebrate Earth Day? If you planted a tree, or you plan on planting one soon, there are certain things to keep in mind to ensure that the tree grows healthy and strong. Follow these Earth Day tree care tips to give your tree a great start for years of beauty.

Celebrate Today & Every Day, The Right Way

We can all do our part to celebrate the earth this month, next month, and throughout the rest of the year. One way is to plant a tree. Whether it’s in your yard or as part of a larger initiative, tree planting takes a little time and planning to help ensure the tree grows to the best of its ability.

The first step in proper tree care is choosing the proper tree. Pick a plant that will thrive in the environment you plan to plant it. Your local nursery should sell the types of trees native to your area. Do a little research in the beginning to make sure the tree you’re planting can serve its desired purpose. For example, different trees are best at providing shade, privacy, fruit, and flowers. Pick the one that fits the primary goal.

The next step is choosing the proper place to plant it. Take into consideration the type of tree and size it will be when fully grown. You don’t want to have to remove a tree because it eventually towers over your home, neighbor’s yard, or other structure. Also, watch out for any utility lines above or below the ground. Remember, a tree’s root system can become just as much of a hazard below ground as the branches and leaves are above.

Earth Day Tree Care

Once you’ve planted your tree, your job isn’t done. Young trees need special attention in the first few years to get well-established. Earth Day is a great reminder to take care of your new plants, and even the ones popping back up this time of year. Here are some tips for tree and plant maintenance you can tackle now.

  • Mulching. Add a layer of mulch around your tree and in your garden to help insulate the soil, retain water to help keep the roots moist, and smother weeds.
  • Weeding. Any weeds that do emerge should be dealt with sooner rather than later. Too many weeds can compete with new trees and plants for water, nutrients, and root space.
  • Watering. Give a newly planted tree a long drink of water right after it’s planted. This helps the roots acclimate to their new surroundings. Your new tree will need more water those first few summer seasons since it’s spending a lot of energy expanding its root system. Water deeply to encourage deeper root growth instead of lighter, more frequent watering.

It’s a Holiday — Give Yourself a Break

Between planting new trees and taking care of your yard as it reawakens this spring, there’s a lot to tackle this month. Jumpstart spring the right way with expert tree and lawn care from Elite Tree Care. Even if you want to do the work yourself, having an expert help you plan for the upcoming planting and growing season can help ensure your yard and plants thrive this year and in the future.

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