Professional Tree Care Plan

Three Factors to Focus On

Trees provide a property with many benefits, including shade, increased value, and curb appeal. However, if not taken care of, a tree can also become a hazard to the area. Put together a professional tree care plan to help keep your tree looking its best and more of a benefit than a detriment.

Professional Tree Care Plan

It doesn’t take a professional to know that all living things need a certain amount of maintenance and attention. Trees are no different. There are a few things to focus on when it comes to tree care:

  1. Pruning. From a light trim to more extensive shaping, pruning is an essential part of any tree care plan.
  2. Nutrients. The type of soil plays a crucial role in plant health, as does the amount of sunlight and water.
  3. Preventative measures. Be proactive in preventing fungal disease and pest infestation.

Not only are these factors an important part of tree care, but the timing and method of each can make or break the process. Plus, the process is different depending on the type of tree. To make the process easier, it’s helpful to consult with a professional tree care company to come up with a regular maintenance plan. A certified arborist will evaluate your tree and go over its specific needs. This custom plan should be carried out regularly for the best results.

Let’s review the most important parts of this tree care plan.

Tree Pruning

From the time a tree is planted to well after it’s fully grown, proper pruning is important to its well-being. Any branches that look dead, diseased, or broken can always be pruned no matter the time of year. However, when it comes to shaping the tree or trimming more than just a few branches, it’s best to wait until it’s dormant.

Feeding Your Tree

A tree is only as healthy as the soil it’s growing in. From the type of soil to the level of nutrients, each plays a role in plant health. You can test your soil to determine the level of nutrients it needs. While there is a right time to add fertilizer, you always want to make sure your tree is planted in an area where it gets enough sunlight and hydration. Watering your tree is especially important when it’s young and more vulnerable. Make sure the soil isn’t compacted so that water and nutrients can get to the roots. Aeration and regular root care can help prevent problems in the future.

Disease Prevention

One of the best ways to help prevent certain plant diseases and pests infestations is to regularly maintain your tree’s health with proper pruning and nutrients. Monitor your tree’s health and always be on the lookout for signs of any issues. This could range from discolored leaves to irregular growths.

Professional Tree Maintenance

With the proper plan in place, it should be easy for you to maintain your tree’s health regularly. However, there may be times when it’s best to call a certified arborist for more help. If you suspect your tree is infested by pests or disease or it’s passed the point of light pruning, contact Elite Tree Care for a consultation. After an evaluation, we can help determine what your tree needs to survive and thrive.

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