Fall Tree Care

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Fall Tree Pruning

Now that fall is fast approaching, all eyes are turning to trees. This season’s change brings bright colors and blankets of leaves on the ground. But it should also bring a few more items to your yard maintenance list. Here are some tips for fall tree care.

Fall Tree Care

The lawn maintenance to-do list grows a little this season. There’s a lot to do from September to November to prepare your lawn, garden, and trees for winter. Here are some other tasks to stay occupied while you wait for the leaves to change color and fall.

Fertilize. Having a healthy tree is important in any season, but especially during the winter when wind, snow, and ice cause damage. Apply specialized fertilizer to the soil around your trees to help strengthen the roots. You can also use natural compost, including grass clippings and shredding leaves, for added nutrients.

Mulch. Refresh the layer of mulch you put down in the spring to insulate the tree roots over the winter. Mulch also helps retain moisture and the organic fertilizer you just applied. Rake the old mulch to loosen it up before laying a new layer and keep it away from the trunk.

Water. Use a hose to target the root area of the tree. Sprinklers are not as effective in giving the tree the right amount of water. Plus, wetting the leaves may simply invite disease and decay. Water deeply once or twice a week, especially for younger trees.

Prune. Remove any dead or diseased branches from your trees before the winter weather removes them for you. You’ll be able to see which branches are dead since they’ve probably lost their leaves before the others. Once all the leaves have fallen, you’ll also be able to see where any broken branches are hiding.

Plant. Fall is a wonderful time to plant new trees. The cooler temperatures are ideal for preventing sun scorch or drought.

Rake. Of course, once the leaves start to fall, you want to keep up with yard maintenance. You can use your mower to break up a light sprinkling of leaves across your lawn. Leaving it there with the grass clippings also helps fertilize the grass. However, you want to rake and remove any large piles to prevent moldy leaves and suffocating your grass.

Annual Tree Inspection

It’s important to pay attention to your trees and their needs all year long, but it’s easier in the fall. Once all the leaves are gone, it’s easier to see which branches may need the most attention. It’s also easier to reinforce any unstable tree with cables or braces if necessary. This step is especially important before the tree branches become weighted down with snow or ice. One of the best ways to properly inspect a tree is to have a certified arborist take a look. Contact Elite Tree Care to help evaluate your tree’s conditions and offer more advice on the best methods of fall tree care.

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