Tree Care Tips

From Planning to Planting & Beyond

Some may think tree care starts once you plant a tree. Truth is, it begins before that—even before the point of purchase. Follow these professional tree care tips from planning to planting to help ensure your chosen tree not only survives, it thrives.

Pre-Planting Tree Care Tips

What’s the tree’s purpose? Is it for shade, privacy, or aesthetics? The answers to these questions will help narrow down what type of tree you want and where it should be planted.

That’s right, the best tree care starts before you even buy a tree. Not all trees can survive in all environments. While you may have always wished for a tall palm tree or one bursting with fresh tropical fruit, it won’t work unless you live in the tropics. This is why a little planning is necessary to get to know what types of trees do best in your yard.

Not only is the climate a factor, but look around your yard. Is it big enough for the type of tree you want? It may accommodate a small sapling, but that may eventually grow into a 60-foot maple. If you only have a small yard, and there are neighbors, utility lines, and other structures nearby, this should all go into consideration when choosing the right tree.

So when you choose the right tree, next you need to pick the perfect place for planting. Does your chosen tree prefer shade? What type of soil does it need? Is there an area where it won’t grow into current or future structures. Yup, you should keep the future in mind as well. If you’re planning on eventually adding on to your home or installing a pool or shed, keep these open areas in mind. This will save you the hassle of having to remove the tree during construction.

Purchasing the Right Plant

When it’s time to head to the nursery and buy your tree, there are a few things to look for in your perfect plant:

  • Moist, fibrous roots
  • Firm root ball
  • Roots shouldn’t circle around the container
  • Loose soil
  • Bright, healthy bark
  • No signs of injury or pests
  • Well-distributed, spaced-out branches
  • Strong, wide crotches
  • Low branches

These factors will affect the lifespan of your tree, so give it a good review and ask for help if needed.

Tree Planting Tips

Perfect tree? Check. Perfect place? Check. Now it’s time to wait for the perfect season to plant. The spring and fall are the two temperate seasons, making it ideal for planting. Technically you could plant a tree any time you want, but you’ll be putting it under a lot of stress in the summer heat. And the ground may be too frozen in the winter.

The first few years in the new location greatly affects the tree’s future shape and strength. More regular waterings are needed while it becomes established, especially during the summer. Deeply water the tree to help the roots become established quicker. Keep the soil moist but not soaking. Overwatering is just as detrimental as underwatering.

Make sure your new tree gets a thick layer of organic mulch to help keep it insulated and retain this much-needed water.

Tree Care Tips

While your tree is adapting to its surroundings, you can help take some stress away by pruning. You can always remove any dead or broken branches. Anything else should wait until the tree is dormant in the winter. A newer tree shouldn’t need a lot of pruning. You can help shape it by removing any crisscrossing branches, but try not to remove too much.

Trees that bloom in the spring can be pruned after the flowers fade. This will help produce more flowers the following year. Try not to prune anything in the harsh summer heat or during the fall when wounds tend to heal slowly and leave the tree open to fungi.

Professional Tree Care Tips

No matter what stage of tree care you’re in—planning, planting, or pruning—it’s always a good idea to ask a professional to assist on anything new and involved. If you want the best advice for the right tree to plant in your specific yard, or the right way to plant your particular type of tree, or how to prune something that already towers over you, contact a professional tree care company like Elite Tree Care for expert advice.

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