Spring Tree Care Tips

What to Watch For This Season

Now that spring is in full bloom you can clearly see specific issues with your tree. Learn what some of these issues may be and what spring tree care techniques to employ.

Spring Tree Care Techniques

Just as the seasons change, so do your trees. There are the obvious differences, such as leaves turning colors and falling in autumn and then budding again in spring. But then there are the changes you may not notice right away. Some of these changes become more noticeable in spring. For example, there are sections of your tree where leaves don’t grow back. Or if they do grow back, they quickly fall again.

If you notice a few bare branches, it could mean a few things:

  • They’re cracked or broken
  • They’ve died from harsh winter weather
  • There’s a pest infestation or disease

No matter the reason, these weaker branches should be pruned. While spring is not the ideal time for tree pruning, getting rid of weaker branches is an exception to this rule. Just don’t prune too much. If it looks like there are more than just a few bare spots, it’s best to have a tree care company evaluate the situation.

Once the branches come down it may be easier to diagnose the issue, especially if signs of pests or fungi are present. If this is the case, it’s a good idea to have a professional come to inspect the tree to determine if further treatment is necessary.

Pruning Flowering Trees

The other exception to the ‘no pruning in spring’ rule is cutting back flowering trees and shrubs. You don’t want to prune these plants in the winter since they’ve already started growing buds. Pruning too early means less of a bountiful blooming season. So you should save any pruning until after the flowers fade.

If your tree doesn’t produce as many blooms as it usually does, it could also be an indication of an issue. Other than pruning too early, the plant could be stressed from extreme weather, not enough water, or pest and disease. If the problem doesn’t show obvious symptoms, your best bet is to contact a professional tree care company to help diagnose the issue.

No matter the season, proper tree care is essential for the health and appearance of the plant. Pruning at the right time helps promote growth and vitality so your tree thrives throughout the year. Contact Elite Tree Care if you suspect your tree may be dealing with disease or decay. Having it properly diagnosed early could mean the difference between a light pruning or tree removal.

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