Spring Tree Maintenance Tips

What to do Before Summer


One more month of spring has breezed by and it’s starting to look like summer. Before the seasons change again, it’s time to take a look around your yard. Now that your grass is growing, flowers have bloomed, and the leaves are back on the trees, take stock of what could use some work before the heat of the summer sets in. Here’s a list of spring tree maintenance tips to get you started.

Spring Tree Maintenance

Spring is starting to warm up as it wraps up. Not only is this a sign of a seasonal change, but it’s an indication to get some work done outdoors before it becomes unbearably hot. Take advantage of the more temperate temps and tackle some spring tree maintenance.

  • Mulch. A few inches of nutrient-rich mulch provides so many benefits to your garden, including around your trees. Layered at the base of the trunk, mulch helps retain moisture—something your tree will need more of during drought season. A blanket of mulch over tree roots helps protect it from extreme temperatures. It also acts as a weed barrier for a cleaner look around your lawn.
  • Pruning. Any major pruning should have been done during the dormant winter season. However, now that the leaves are back, it’s easier to see which branches may be dead—they’re not likely to show any leaves. Prune these branches to improve the overall appearance, encourage new growth, and help prevent these weaker branches from breaking during a storm. You can also prune any trees or shrubs that flowered in the spring. Trim any faded flowers to prep it for next year.
  • Tree removal. If you feel like you’re pruning too much of the tree, you may need to consider if it’s too far gone. If none of the leaves grew back or they immediately dropped after budding, get the tree evaluated for possible removal. This is one maintenance task you should call a professional to handle, especially if the tree is dead or diseased.

Professional Tree Removal

While mulching and light pruning are easy DIY tasks, tree removal should be left for the professionals. Trees are unpredictable, especially if they’re weakened from damage or disease. A professional crew has the tools and experience to handle the job safely and effectively.

Contact Elite Tree Care for more information on what yard tasks to tackle before summer. If tree removal is on that list, our arborists are ready to assist before spring tree maintenance becomes summer tree problems.

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