5 Steps to Take Before Tree Removal

And What to do After

Is there a tree in your yard that you’re considering taking down? There are several factors to consider before tree removal. From the initial assessment to the clean up, having a plan will help make the complex process easier.

What to Consider Before Tree Removal

Taking down a tree is a lot more complicated than it seems. Sure, you could simply go outside and cut it down. But you may soon discover you’re in over your head in more ways that one. That’s why having a plan from the beginning is important. Here are some initial factors to consider.

  1. Assess the Tree. Does the tree really need to come down? If there are dead, damaged, or diseased spots you may be able to get away with pruning the weak branches and treating the tree for disease for pests.
  2. Replanting vs. Removal. If the tree is young and small enough, you could consider replanting it in a more well-suited area. However, if it’s beyond repair and too old to survive relocation, removal may be the only option.
  3. Assess the Surroundings. Are there any obstacles or structures in the area? It’s not always easy to clear a path for the tree to fall. But having a professional do the job makes the process smoother.
  4. Contact a professional. After determining the tree has to come down, it’s best to have a professional take care of the job, especially if the tree is large and weak. Tree removal may not be cheap, but you should also consider weighing the cost of maintaining the health and safety of people and property.
  5. Preparing for Removal. In addition to clearing any obstacles that you can, you also want to make sure you secure the appropriate equipment, licenses, and insurance for safely removing the tree. A professional tree removal company should have it all readily available.

Once you have a plan in place for removing a tree, you also want to go over options for what to do with the tree once it’s removed. This is also something that should be included in the tree removal quote from the licensed professional.

Plan for After Removal

After you’ve made the initial decision to remove a tree and planned the process with a professional, discuss options for disposal—even before the first cut is made. Some tree companies will take down the tree and clear all large branches and debris. For an added charge, they’ll chop the wood into manageable pieces for firewood. There’s also the stump to consider. Most professional tree removal quotes don’t include stump removal. This is usually another added expense that should be discussed before the project begins.

Want to help ensure the tree removal project is carried out in a safe and efficient manner? Plan the entire process before tree removal begins. When you’re ready to start, contact Elite Tree Care to discuss your options.

Tree Removal Guide

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