9 Tree Preservation Tips

How to Keep Trees Healthy from the Roots Up


Trees are a natural wonder. It’s amazing how this majestic species can provide so many benefits to our ecosystem while standing up to harsh elements. While trees can live for centuries in the forest, ones in our own backyards need more care to survive. Here are some tree preservation tips to help support these environmental assets.

Tree Preservation Tips

Since trees do so much for us—such as provide shade, improve air quality, and beautify our yards—it’s time we do something for our trees. Proper care is a start.

  • Regularly prune dead or damaged branches to promote healthy growth and prevent disease.
  • Provide adequate water, especially during hot, dry spells. Avoid overwatering, which can lead to root rot.
  • In the spring and fall, add a layer of mulch around the base of the tree to retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and prevent weeds.

While you don’t have to do these tasks everyday, you should keep an eye on your trees and watch out for any signs of stress, pests and disease, such as bare branches, growths, and discolored leaves.

Avoiding Threats to Trees

As you’re marveling at the magnificence of your landscape trees, and keeping an eye out for drastic changes, think of how you can be proactive in preventing undue harm.

  • Take bugs seriously. Especially if they’re the wood-boring kinds. Any signs of flying ants or sawdust around the base of your tree could mean it’s infested with pests. Left untreated, they could find their way into other areas of your lawn and home. It’s best to have a professional inspect the area at the first signs of pests.
  • Avoid using harmful chemicals near trees, this includes lawn or tree care products, as they can leach into the soil and harm plant health. If you need to treat your tree, have a professional evaluate to help ensure the right products are used.
  • If you’re going to prune, make sure it’s the right time and you have the right tools. Improper pruning can do more damage and make trees more susceptible to disease.

Before you start any major tree care projects, such as extensive pruning, pest control, or disease prevention, consult with a certified arborist to help ensure the task is taken care of properly.

Protecting Trees

A single tree in your yard relies on you more to help protect it from damage that wouldn’t naturally happen in the forest. From major construction to regular lawn mowing, certain activities can lead to soil compaction and root injury that impacts the tree.

  • Use barriers to protect trees from construction equipment and foot traffic during renovation projects.
  • Keep mowers and other lawn care tools away from tree roots.
  • Properly aerate to help minimize soil compaction and avoid cutting roots whenever possible.

When planning any major renovation, consider tree preservation as part of the project. Consult the tree care experts at Elite Tree Care before, during, and after the process to help ensure the tree is protected and the continues to thrive in your yard.

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