What’s a Tree Pruning Sealer

And Why it Should be Avoided

tree wound pruning sealer

There are many benefits to pruning trees. However, any time you make a cut, you’re essentially wounding the bark. While healthy trees have an easier time healing itself, some people may want to try to help the process along. There are tree pruning sealers on the market that claim to minimize damage, but are they worth it? Read on to find out.

What Happens When You Prune

Pruning trees—or trimming branches—is meant to thin out dead, diseased, and broken limbs. Pruning also helps remove crisscrossing branches and open the canopy for greater air flow. This process is supposed to improve structure, fruit harvest, and overall tree health.

When you prune, you’re cutting the branches and leaving an open wound. Like any cut, it naturally heals overtime. But sometimes you need a band aid. This is where a pruning sealer comes in.

What is a Tree Pruning Sealer?

Also know as pruning paint, these products claim to help heal pruning cuts. Some are made of natural ingredients, but others may contain synthetic compounds. They all get applied to freshly pruned areas to provide a protective coating. How?

  • Minimize moisture and sap loss
  • Prevent diseases and decay
  • Promote quicker wound closure

But this isn’t all pruning sealers do. They can also obstruct a tree’s natural healing process, making it harder for the plant to recover. Plus, chemical sealers could have a negative environmental impact.

Trees don’t need a band aid like people do. In fact, if the paint seals in moisture, this can lead to fungal growth and decay. The only time a sealer may help more than hurt is if the tree is weakened by harsh weather conditions. But proper application of a non-toxic sealer is still needed under these circumstances.

Natural Healing Solutions

Proper tree pruning is still essential to overall plant health. The best way to go about the process is to:

  • Prune at the right time
  • Use clean, sharp tools to make clean cuts
  • Cut at an angle to encourage moisture runoff
  • Consult with a certified arborist

Contact the tree care specialist at Elite Tree Care to help make informed decisions about any product or process used in prolonging the life of your trees.

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