Summer Tree Care Tips

From Watering to Pest Prevention

On a hot, summer day, trees provide shady relief from the sweltering heat. So why not provide your trees with what they need to survive the summer. Even though trees are accustomed to thrive outdoors, they can still get stressed in intense heat and dry conditions. Follow these summer tree care tips to help them stay healthy and vibrant throughout the season.

Keeping Trees Hydrated

You know how important it is to stay hydrated, especially in the heat. The same goes for trees, especially new ones. The deeper the tree roots, the more it can access moisture from underground. But in order to establish this deep root system, it needs to be watered enough. The best watering method for trees is:

  • Deeply
  • Infrequently
  • In the morning

Shallow watering doesn’t encourage deep root growth. It also means you have to be out there more often. Plus, if you water in the afternoon, your efforts are more likely to evaporate in the heat. Give the water a chance to soak into the soil. Then make sure you mulch so that the soil can retail moisture and regulate temperature.

Summer Tree Pruning Tips

Summer is not the ideal time for pruning. Between the heat and dry spells, trees are stressed enough. However, it’s always best to remove any dead, damaged, or diseased branches you see. This is especially important to prevent these limbs from breaking off during a harsh summer storm.

Any time you prune, you want to make sure the tools you use are clean and sharp. This provides a precise cut and risks tearing the bark and exposing the tree to pests and diseases.

Monitoring for Pests and Diseases

You may have already noticed more bugs out and about this time of year. They too look to your trees for shelter and sustenance. Disease also thrives in warm, moist conditions. Regularly check your trees for signs of infestation. Look for:

  • torn or discolored leaves
  • unusual growths
  • saw dust
  • visible insects

Early detection is key to managing these issues effectively. There are a wide range of products formulated to target certain bugs and disease. Try to avoid broad-spectrum products that can also kill beneficial plants and insects. Some of these are natural predators to the pests you want gone. Your best line of defense is to contact a tree care specialist to help diagnose, treat, and prevent future problems.

Pro Summer Tree Care Tips

Now that you know the basics of watering, pruning, and problem prevention, there are some summer tree care issues that are best left to the pros.

  1. Protecting Young Trees. If you’ve recently planted a tree in the spring, it’s going to need more help to survive the summer. In addition to adequate water, you want to help protect it from sunscald and support its structural health. ¬†You can help prevent damaging sunscald with a protective tree wrap or use a light-colored trunk guard to reflect sunlight. Stake young or newly planted trees to help them grow straight and establish a strong root system. Use flexible ties and avoid securing them too tightly to allow for natural movement.
  2. Maintaining Healthy Tree Growth. Any tree support should be adjusted as needed. If you’re using stakes, ties, or other cable and bracing techniques, regular inspection is needed to make sure the tree is growing properly. You also want to prevent girdling and encourage natural growth.
  3. Root Zone Care. With more outdoor activity this season, any heavy foot traffic or machinery near tree roots can cause compaction. Consider creating a mulched barrier around the tree to help protect the roots. A pro can help you designate the right sized area and provide tips on aerating the soil to encourage water and nutrient absorption.

Contact Elite Tree Care this summer for more helpful tips during this critical time for tree care. From watering and pruning to pest and disease protection, there’s a lot to think about. Give yourself and your trees a break with the expert guidance of tree care specialists.

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