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Overhanging Tree Branches: What are the Laws?

Overhanging Tree Branches

What are the Laws?

When it comes to overhanging tree branches in your yard, over your house, or along power lines that effect your home, you may have some say about what happens to that tree and its maintenance. Read more

Dealing with Storm Damage to Your Yard

The Best Way to Handle Storm Damage

Before, During, and After a Storm

Whether the area you live is susceptible to hurricanes, tornados, or other natural disasters, there's a way to help prepare for possible storm damage to your yard. While you may think a strong, seemingly healthy tree could withstand the forces of a large storm, you could be underestimating the power of Mother Nature. Read more

Best Ways to Remove a Fallen Tree

Best Ways to Remove a Fallen Tree

Whose Job it is & What to do

Whether you want a tree to fall or not, removing a fallen tree can be a process. Depending on how the tree falls, you may be able to get free assistance with removing it from your property. From old age to storm damage, toppling trees come with a set of rules on what to do once it hits the ground. Read more

Why Do Leaves Fall Before Fall? 3 Early Leaf Drop Factors

Why Do Leaves Fall Before Fall?

3 Early Leaf Drop Factors

Typically, leaves know to transform and fall when the temperature cools and there's less sunlight. However, leaves may turn prematurely and fall before they're supposed to—usually before October. Early leaf drop in the summer or early fall can be caused by a few of the following factors. Read more

Should You be Concerned about Branches Over the Roof

Should You be Concerned About Branches Over the Roof

How Bad Branches Can be & What to do About it

Trees can add many beautiful features to the landscape around your home, but it can also add a few causes for concern. Large tree branches over the roof of your house may look pretty during the changing seasons, but they could cause damage to your property. Read more

Proper Tree Planting Tips

Proper Tree Planting Tips

Plant a Tree Like a Pro

So, you want to plant a tree? Whether it's in a new garden, replacing an older tree, or just refreshing your landscape, there's a proper tree planting process everyone should follow. Read more