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Removing a Tree Close to the House

Removing a Tree Close to the House

When, Why & How a Tree Should be Removed

Removing a tree close to the house requires extra care and attention, since you don't want to hurt yourself or your home. Read on to learn about proper tree removal. Read more

3 Reasons Tree Topping Isn’t Tops

3 Reasons Tree Topping Isn’t Tops

What is Tree Topping & Why It’s Killing Trees

Tree topping involves cutting back a significant amount of tree branches off the top of the tree. Here's why this isn't a great idea. Read more

Tips for DIY Stump Removal

DIY Stump Removal

The Quick, the Easy & the Safe Way

Stump removal is usually not included in any tree removal service, and it can be an expensive project. While you could incorporate your stump into your landscape, you may also want to remove it if it's not in the best area. Read more

How to Estimate the Cost of Tree Removal

The Cost of Tree Removal

Factors to Help Estimate the Size of a Project

Deciding to remove a tree can be both emotional and expensive—depending on your situation. There are several factors to consider while estimating the cost of tree removal. Then, there are other costs that may not be included in your initial estimate. So, when you receive an estimate from a tree removal service, be sure to ask exactly what you're getting. Read more

Celebrate National Arbor Day

Celebrate National Arbor Day

A Great Day to Hug a Tree

On the last Friday of April, every year since 1872, we celebrate the trees. National Arbor Day is a holiday when we are encouraged to learn more about how to properly plant and care for trees. Read more