DIY Small Tree Removal

Get to the Root of the Problem

Small tree removal

The key to small tree removal lies in the roots. While removing younger, smaller trees from your yard is easier to do yourself—compared to larger trees—you must ensure the roots are taken care of so the tree doesn’t grow back in that spot, but it can thrive wherever it’s transplanted.

Measure Twice, Dig Once

Before you start digging the tree out, measure how far you’ll need to cut in order to take out most of the root ball. The trick is to calculate at least 10 inches in diameter and six inches deep for every inch of the trunk. For instance, if your tree is already five inches in diameter, then you should dig about four feet around and two and a half feet deep.

Depending on how large the hole will be, you should make sure you won’t be digging around any utility lines or pipes in the area.

Tools Needed for Small Tree Removal

Gather the following for the tree removal process:

1. Water. Soften the soil around the tree being removed. This makes it easier to dig the tree out and helps prepare the roots for transplanting.

2. Twine. Tie up lower branches to help keep them out of your way and protect them during replanting.

3. Sharp spade. With the prementioned measurements in mind, dig a circle around the perimeter of the root ball. The sharper the spade, the easier it will be to cut the roots out properly.

4. Tarp. Once the tree is out of the hole, place it on a piece of burlap or plastic tarp. Wrap the cover around the root to help keep them from drying out before transplanting.

Transplanting a Small Tree

Before you remove the tree from its original location, prepare a hole for replanting. Keep in mind the full size of the tree, and don’t plant it in a spot that may cause future damage. If it grows to be too close to your house or other structure, you may need to remove the tree again. Remember, the larger the tree is, the harder it will be to remove.

Tree Removal Guide

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