Removing Snow From Trees

When and How to Help

snowy trees

While a winter wonderland may look delightful, what it can do your plants and roof is downright frightful. Learn how to remove snow on trees and help keep your plants, home, and sanity safe this season.

When to Remove Snow on Trees

A heavy blanket of snow is a risk for certain plants and structures. If not addressed, it can cause damage over time. While you may not be able to shovel it as easy as a driveway, there are easy ways to remove it before the buildup becomes too much. Keep the following in mind while you head out to assess the snowfall:

  • Are the tree branches bending under the weight of snow and ice? If so, you’ll want to remove the snow as soon as possible before it refreezes or breaks the branch.
  • Is the snow light enough to blow or shake off the tree? This makes it easier to address yourself, but care should still be taken.
  • Are there any structures under the snow-covered branches? If the tree is large enough to have precarious branches over a structure, you’ll want professional help to remove the snow or broken branches you can’t reach from the ground.
  • Are the gutters around your home clear? Gutters must be clear of snow, ice, and debris to properly funnel whatever melts away from your roof.

Once you have weighed your options, start working to relieve the pressure off your roof and trees.

Properly Removing Snow

The tools you use depends on the type of snow. Light, airy flakes can be removed by gently shaking the trees and plants. A handheld snow or leaf blower can also come in handy to remove snow.

For heavier snow, use a broom or shovel in upward sweeping motions. Any ice and frostier snow patches that don’t easily brush off will need to melt naturally. Trying to remove this could cause more damage.

The longer the snow remains on your plants and roof, the more likely it is to freeze and cause damage. If any branches do break, remove them quickly with a clean cut to ensure the wound heals properly. For more information on removing snow from your trees, contact Elite Tree Care.

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