Plant Healthcare Plans

Preparing for a Healthy Future


At the beginning of every year, you make your own personal plans and resolutions, so why not make one for your plants? Put together a plant healthcare plan and keep track of all the maintenance needs of your trees, shrubs, and flowers for the year.

What’s on Your Plant Healthcare Plan

All problems start off small. There could be a sign or symptom you miss because it’s not clear to the naked eye. Left untreated, this problem grows to something more noticeable. Sometimes it’s early enough to treat, sometimes it’s beyond repair. These issues are evident in all levels of healthcare, even for plants. That’s why an expert should be part of the plan on day one.

Any plant healthcare plan should include preventative measures and regular maintenance checks to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. An expert can help detect and control threats to your garden, trees, and shrubs throughout the year. It’s recommended to have a professional come out at least once a season to assess the situation.

Your yearly maintenance plan should include the best times to:

  • Fertilize
  • Aerate
  • Mow
  • Plant
  • Prune
  • Prevent pests
  • Address seasonal concerns (hurricanes, snow, heatwaves, etc)

Along with timelines related to your specific area, related product and tool recommendations are made to gain the best results.

The Benefits of a Year-Long Plan

Usually, when you start to think it’s time to prune or plant or mow, it may be too early or late. Having a comprehensive timeline for what to look for throughout the year and how to respond makes you better prepared—and your plants will thank you.

Have your arborist check-in to make sure you haven’t missed anything, and have a list of questions ready based on current conditions. Remember, it’s usually easier to prevent an issue than try and repair it. Together, you can work to combat all potential risks

Plant healthcare plans are imperative during the early stages of the plant’s life. Proper maintenance can make or break your entire yard aesthetic and investment.

Just like you talk to your doctor about your own healthcare needs, you can talk to an arborist about the best plant practices. A pro will know and understand the threats and help you with a plan to prevent or treat. Contact Elite Tree Care to discuss what your plants need and devise the right healthcare plan to get it done efficiently.