The Best Time for Tree Removal

Plan for an Easier Process


A tree removal project is as large as the tree is tall. But with the right equipment and help, it doesn’t have to be complicated at all. The best time for tree removal is during its dormant period. But if the tree is dead, decaying, or severely damaged, the best time is now.

The Best Plan for Removing a Tree

Plan on protecting yourself, your home, and neighbors when you call a professional tree removal company. They specialize in removing trees that are too large and too close to your house or utility lines. Ideally, you want to remove a tree on your own terms—this gives you more control. However, if a tree has already fallen you still want to call in the pros so that no further damage is done.

If the tree is leaning, showing its roots, showing signs of disease, or poses any threat to surrounding trees or structures, have a certified arborist come out to assess the situation no matter what the season.

The Best Time for Healthy Tree Removal

If your tree is healthy but still needs to come down for another reason, such as lot clearing or construction, wait until it’s dormant in the late winter or early spring. During this time, you’ll have no leaves blocking the view of the branches or littering your lawn. The tree will be lighter and easier to handle. Also, there’s less damage to the lawn and other plants when the ground is frozen and everything else is dormant as well.

The best—and cheapest—way of dealing with healthy trees is to leave them where they are. This requires proper planning at the planting stage. Be sure to select a spot considering how large the tree will get.

If you didn’t get to choose its location, it’s still an easier process with a certified arborist involved. With the right equipment, experience, and insurance, the job will go a lot smoother and safer. No matter the time of year, contact Elite Tree Care for more information on tree removal and to assess a tree to see if it should stay or go.

Tree Removal Guide

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