Determining Tree Removal Cost

Factors that Effect Price

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You’ve determined that a tree in your yard needs to be removed. Whether because of the condition or surroundings, it’s been decided by you and/or a certified arborist that it’s the best option. But what determines tree removal cost? There are many more factors that go into quoting this professional process.

Determining Tree Removal Cost

First of all, not all tree removal projects are the same. What your family, friend, or neighbor was once quoted may not cover your needs. Therefore, it’s best to get several quotes from different companies and pick the one right for you, your tree, and your budget.

Here are some factors that will determine how much your project will be:

  • Size. The height and diameter of a tree affect the price. You may be able to remove a small tree yourself. But once it’s big enough where you can’t prune it without a ladder, you need to call the pros. The bigger the tree, the more equipment may be needed, which adds to the cost.
  • Condition. If your tree is dead or diseased, it may be easier to take down but it could also be a more precarious process. If the tree is healthy and strong, reconsider removing it because it will cost you more.
  • Location. Any tree out in the open has its own set of risks when it comes to removal. The risks significantly increase if the tree is close to a building, power lines, or other obstacles. The more liability, the more expensive—which is also why it’s important the company removing it is insured

Additional Tree Services

Typically a tree removal quote includes the costs of taking a tree down and possibly away. There are many added extras, including:

  • Stump removal or grinding. Different equipment is needed, so it’s an added expense.
  • Chopping or chipping limbs. If your quote doesn’t include hauling away the wood, it could cost extra to cut them into firewood or wood chips.
  • Labor and travel. Different companies will charge more or less depending on how many workers are needed and where they need to go.

Any quote you receive should clearly state what is included and what is extra. The company should be made aware of any possible obstacles in their way and even come out to assess the tree for a more thorough estimate.

Other factors such as season and storm damage can alter the price and may even require your homeowner’s insurance company to get involved. Do your research for the best quote and tree removal project possible.

Tree Removal Guide

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