Tree Removal Timetable

How Long Should the Process Take


When it comes to tree removal, time is money (literally). If you hire a professional company to do the work—which is always the safe and efficient option—they will likely charge for the amount of time and manpower to get the job done. So, how long should it take? That depends on several factors, including you and the tree. Here’s what to consider when factoring your tree removal timetable.

Reasons for Removal

Since it’s not an easy process, you’ll want to think long and hard about why the tree is coming down. If it’s dead and a hazard to people, structures, and utilities, then it’s worth the time and effort. If you simply don’t like it or having to rake leaves, it’s time to think of other options other than the expense of removal.

When considering tree removal, the time it takes to complete the project is rarely at the top of the list of considerations, but it impacts the budget. There are ways to limit the cost.

Factoring Tree Removal Timetable

Whether you’re removing a small tree yourself or hiring a company to cut down an older one, one of the first things you can do is check the area. Remove any obstacles, such as lawn furniture, toys, and garden ornaments. The clearer the path to the tree, the less time it will take to clear it out.

Take notice of which way a tree is leaning. This is the most natural direction it will fall. You’ll also want to make sure there’s nothing blocking this path either. Designate escape routes on all sides of an unstable tree since you never know which way it will fall.

If the tree is located in an open area with no obstacles in its way, the job shouldn’t take long at all. However, if it’s surrounded by other trees or in a crowded area or neighborhood close to houses and power lines, more care, time, and attention are needed—thus, raising the price.

The type of tree and its current condition are two factors that greatly impact the time it will take to get the job done safely. While there are ways you can help with the prep work—removing obstacles and marking important areas that can’t be removed—you don’t want to do too much that will end up making it harder for the professionals to do their job.

For more information on the costs related to tree removal, contact Elite Tree Care. From quoting to cutting, there’s a lot to consider when planning this type of project.

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