Fall Tree Pruning

It Can Wait!

Fall Tree Pruning

Want to know a secret? Fall tree pruning can wait until all the leaves have fallen. For once, it’s okay to procrastinate! While this season isn’t ideal for tree pruning, you can still cut dead or broken branches before the winter weather wreaks havoc. Of course, it’s easier to see which branches need pruning once the leaves are out of the way.

Why Fall Tree Pruning Can Wait

Pruning trees actually motivates them to grow. This is why it’s not smart to cut anything this season. Plants are just about to go dormant in the winter. This is a better time to prune since it’s not actively growing. Pruning too soon not only causes stress on the plant, but it also leads to weaker branches that are more susceptible to damage.

While pruning a few broken branches is okay, reshaping a tree or cutting a large limb should wait. Fresh cuts close slower this time of year, leaving your tree open for fungal disease. Fall tree pruning can wait until the tree is strong enough to heal faster.

Exceptions to the Rule

There are some instances when you do want to prune in the fall. If you plan on transplanting a small tree in spring, you can prune the roots in late fall. This helps to stimulate new root growth at the cuts so it can quickly get established in its new location.

Also, any dead, diseased, and damaged parts of a tree should be removed as soon as possible. Not only is this a threat to surrounding trees, but also structures in the area if the tree or large branches fall in a storm.

No matter when you prune, always wear safety equipment and use the proper tool with a sharpened blade for clean cuts. Contact Elite Tree Care if you need to remove large limbs or branches you can’t reach from the ground. If possible, wait just a little longer—winter is right around the corner.

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