Fall Tree Care Tips

Prepping Trees from Root to Branch


Tree care in the fall means more than dealing with leaves. Leaves become more of an issue for your lawn. There are still things your tree needs to help prepare it for the winter months.

Fall Tree Care Tips

Colder months are coming. Is your tree ready? You may have raked the leaves that fell from the branches, but there’s still plenty to do before the tree goes dormant. A well-prepared tree may be less stressed in the winter, therefore happier in the spring! Here are some maintenance tips to focus on now to help prep your plants.

Water. Winter weather requires as much water as summer weather, especially for young trees. Water when the weather and soil are cool but not frozen.

Mulch. Add a thin layer away from the trunk to act as a blanket for the roots over the winter. Organic mulch also helps retain water in the soil. Turn this season’s leaves into next season’s compost for a full circle effect.

Prune branches. Once all the leaves have fallen, it’s easier to see which branches are damaged or diseased. Prune anything that is too weak to last the winter, especially if there’s any chance it could become a hazard to walkways and structures.

Planting Trees in the Fall

See how beautiful the leaves change this time of year? See more of it when you plant another tree during the dormant season. After cooler weather sets in, root growth starts stimulating, which makes it the perfect time to plant balled and burlapped trees and shrubs. Wait to plant bare-root varieties later in the season, when they are completely dormant.

For more information on the best tree care tips for fall, contact Elite Tree Care. From new plants to well-established trees, know what’s best from root to branch.

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