Preventing Tree Problems

The Key is Planning & Pruning


Like all living things, trees require proper care and attention to grow and thrive. Some people may think they can just plant it and forget it. They can, only if they don’t mind dealing with the problems that may arise. Learn more about how to prevent tree problems that benefits both the plant and the people.

Preventing Tree Problems

Left unattended, trees are prone to several problems. Broken branches may lead to decay. Decaying branches become a potential hazard. Hazards become more of a problem when the tree stretches over your roof or into the neighbor’s yard.

One way to prevent problems is to properly plan where you’ll plant a tree. The type of tree and planting spot has a great effect on its growth. If you have no say in planting, the next best thing is regular maintenance. Proper pruning, watering, and attention to detail help ensure a tree stays healthy and the area stays safe.

Types of Tree Problems

Sometimes tree problems are inevitable. They could be caused by factors out of your control, like stress from the weather. If you notice any of the following common tree problems, call Elite Tree Care for a certified arborist to help.

  • Borers and other pests. Insects burrow in tree bark and lay their eggs causing an infestation that can kill your tree. Look for signs of leaf spots, holes, or early drop which can indicate a problem. Pesticides could help solve the issues.
  • Chlorosis and other diseases. Pale green leaves are a sign the tree’s not making enough chlorophyll. Look for other signs of leaf discoloration and drop to diagnose other diseases. Certain fungicides could help control the spread.
  • Compacted Soil. The roots won’t be able to get enough air, water, and nutrients through the soil, weakening the tree.
  • Girdling Roots. Roots that grow up also end up cutting off the supply of water, air, and nutrients.
  • Weak Branches. Poor pruning may lead to crisscrossed, weak branches. Try cable and brace techniques to help stabilize the tree.
  • Winter Injury. From harsh cold to freezing ice, winter can cause many problems for trees. Take care to prune and stabilize the tree before heavy weather sets in.

Professional Problem Solvers

If you’ve planned, pruned, and properly maintained your trees to the best of your ability and still notice problems, contact the experts at Elite Tree Care for help. From seasonal tricks to maintenance tips, your yard and trees are one step closer to being problem-free.