5 Reasons for Spring Tree Removal

And Who to Call When it’s Time


Just when you think your plants should be coming back to life, you may find yourself with reasons for spring tree removal. Whether your tree is showing signs of damage or disease, there are options depending on the severity of the problem.

Tree Maintenance

How did your tree make it through the winter? Harsh weather, including heavy snow and ice, can damage branches, soil, and roots. Early spring is a perfect time to prune any broken branches and evaluate any signs of disease and decay. Then, once the leaves have all grown back, you can reevaluate the health of the tree based on the look and lushness.

If your tree requires maintenance on branches too high for you to reach, it’s important to call a professional tree care company. The right tools and knowledge go a long way when working with living things. Help protect your tree, surroundings, and yourself by enlisting the help of insured experts.

Reasons for Spring Tree Removal

If your tree is beyond the point of proper pruning, you’ll need to consider tree removal. Since this is usually an involved and expensive project, removing a tree should be the last resort. However, if the tree has died or become too diseased for damage control, it’s now a hazard for anything and everything around it, especially during the next major storm.

While dead and diseased trees are two major reasons for removal, you may also need to remove a tree for less dramatic reasons, such as:

  • Construction or renovation. Adding a pool, deck, or other large structure in your backyard may require the removal of a tree or two.
  • Utility hazard. Trees too close to power lines are usually pruned so that they don’t interfere with wiring. However, depending on the area and type of tree, it may need to be removed.
  • Structure hazard. Trees too close to your home or other structure may need to be removed if they become too large and roots start affecting the foundation or underground utility lines. One way to prevent this is to determine how large the type of tree you’re planting will get and plan placement accordingly.

Why Wait for Spring

Spring is an ideal time for tree removal because you’re not dealing with extreme temperatures or weather. It’s easier on the tree and the remover. You’ll also want a professional to remove your tree, especially if it’s already a hazard. Contact Elite Tree Care for more information on tree pruning and removal. Don’t wait until it’s too late for your property or your tree.

Tree Removal Guide

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