Six Tips for Managing Summer Tree Care

From Watering to Weed Control


It may not be the best time for pruning, but there are still six important steps to managing summer tree care.

Managing Summer Tree Care

No matter what season, it’s always important to properly care for your trees. Summer heat and storms have the potential to stress your plants, so follow these six steps to help keep your trees healthy.

  1. Watering. It’s no secret that the summer can get hot and dry. Plants need water just like any living thing. Pay extra attention to the dryness level of the soil around your trees and water accordingly, especially newly planted trees. Deep watering promotes better root growth, so give it a long drink or set up proper irrigation systems and be sure to follow any drought guidelines.
  2. Mulching. Help the soil maintain moisture with a layer of mulch. Three to four inches of organic matter also helps keep weeds away. Make sure the mulch isn’t touching the trunk, as this could invite disease and pests.
  3. Fertilizing. Trees planted in a city or suburban area aren’t exposed to as many nutrients as their forest friends. Make up the difference by supplying neighborhood trees with the right amount of fertilizer to support leaf growth.
  4. Pruning. Remove any dead, diseased, or damaged branches. These are more prone to becoming projectiles in a severe summer storm. Also, any tree that flowers in the spring can be lightly pruned in the early summer once they finish blooming. If you can’t safely reach any of the branches that need to be removed or trimmed, call a professional.
  5. Preventing damage. Instead of removing all the weak branches, you may be able to help support them to prevent damage to your tree or property. Certain cable and bracing techniques work to protect your tree without heavy pruning.
  6. Removing pests. Beetles, mites, and other bugs will make a meal out of your tree and plants once it’s warm enough to wander. Examine the bark and leaves for any signs of insects and choose the control method best suited for the specific species. Contact Elite Tree Care for help identifying and controlling the pests.

Professional Tree Management

For more tips and help maintaining your trees in the summer, contact Elite Tree Care. From irrigation issues to bracing for a big storm, pros know what to watch out for and the most effective methods of tree maintenance to keep your trees healthy and growing strong.

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