Summer Tree Pruning Tips

Take it Easy this Season


With summer fast approaching, it may be time to start thinking about trimming some extra pounds from your tree. Here are some summer tree pruning tips to help get you started.

Summer Tree Pruning Tips

Getting your tree in shape for summer is important for keeping it healthy during a stressful time. Between extreme heat and the possibility of damaging thunderstorms, you want to make sure your tree is in top condition.

While the best time for tree pruning is during the dormant winter season, there are still things you can do in late spring or early summer.

  • Prune fruit trees to allow air and sun to reach the fruit. Light pruning helps promote more blossoms (and more fruit!) the following spring.
  • Remove suckers, water-sprouts, and branches that are crossed or rubbing each other.
  • Take off any dead, diseased, and damaged wood. These weaker branches are more susceptible to breaking during a storm.

Prune Right, Keep it Light

Keep in mind, summer pruning should only be a light trim where needed. You don’t want to add more stress to the tree by forcing it to regrow what you’ve cut. Just like people try to take it easy on hot days, let your tree do the same. Any major shaping should be reserved for the dormant season. The right amount of pruning helps the tree direct energy toward developing stronger branches, better blooms, and more fruit.

Any time you cut, make sure it’s clean. Use sharp pruning tools to make it easier for the plant to heal. Jagged cuts not only take longer to seal, but they also leave the tree open to disease.

Tree Guard on Duty

If you need help planning for summer tree pruning, the experts at Elite Tree Care can help. Call us for any type of trimming or tree service any time of year. We’ll help you get your tree back in the best shape of its life.

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