Signs You Need Tree Removal

It May be Time to Call an Arborist

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This is the time of year a lot of focus shifts to trees. As the leaves change to brilliant hues and start to fall, it should also be a reminder to look a little closer and make sure the tree itself won’t fall. While cutting down a tree is not ideal, it could be a necessity. Here are some signs you need tree removal. If you notice any, it’s time to call an arborist.

Signs You Need Tree Removal

Trees can be majestic, but their massive size can also be dangerous. This is why regular pruning and maintenance are so important to keep trees healthy. If you notice any of the following signs, and a professional arborist has determined that no other safe option is available, you should consider removing the tree.

Visible signs of infection include:

  • Deep splits in the trunk
  • Discolored leaves
  • Crumbling wood
  • Fungi
  • Pest infestation
  • Dead branches
  • Sudden leaning

If you have more than one of the same trees in your yard, compare the health of both. If one is tall and lush with green leaves and the other is stunted and thinning with brown leaves, which one do you think should go?

Sometimes signs of tree damage aren’t as visible. If there’s a problem with the roots, your tree is not going to get enough nutrients to thrive. Look for heaving soil and fungi around the base of the tree. Then call a pro to verify the root of the issue.

Hollow trees are also not as noticeable. You may notice some openings around the trunk or more animals hanging around, but hollow trees could be rotting from the inside out and will eventually fall. If you suspect your tree could be hollow, call an arborist for a professional opinion.

Problematic Tree Placement

In addition to visible signs your tree needs to go, there are certain places where trees are planted that increase the hazard level.

Under power lines. Trees too close to utility lines could become a problem for many. Not only are these trees capable of taking lines down, but a falling branch in a rainstorm over a live line could cause a lot of damage. Taking these trees down requires a lot of care and attention to ensure safety for all parties involved.

Close to houses. If tree branches are hanging over your roof, you’ll want to get them pruned so they don’t cause damage to your home. Trees close to any structures need to be regularly monitored since any signs of damage could mean the tree falling and damaging property.

When planting a tree, it’s important to consider how big this tree will get and if it’s bound to come too close to any existing structures. The correct placement of a tree could save you a lot of headaches in the future.

If a tree on your property is threatening your neighbor’s yard, it’s your responsibility to take care of it, especially if there’s visible damage. Some trees fall unexpectedly and the damage is usually covered by homeowner’s insurance; however, if an issue arises, you don’t address it, and the tree falls, you may be looking at a hefty fine.

Professional Tree Removal

Learn the signs of stress, damage, and disease in trees and contact an arborist for a professional opinion. While tree removal is not fun or cheap, it’s a much more controlled option than letting a hazardous tree wait out any extreme weather. Contact Elite Tree Care for more information about what to look for and the next steps.

Tree Removal Guide

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