Developing a Plant Health Care Plan

With Expert Advice

Plant doctor

Imagine your plants are healthy and thriving. Your trees are strong and stable. Your shrubs beautifully accent your yard. All of this is possible with the right plant health care plan. Discover what it takes to develop a program that allows for effortless care and easy maintenance.

What’s a Plant Health Care Plan

There are many factors to consider when caring for a plant. You want to make sure you give it the right light, fertilizer, water, and climate. You need to keep it free from pests and disease. Follow the proper pruning process to maintain its shape. All of this is part of the overall plant health care plan; however, there’s an integral first step: choosing the right plant.

When you choose the right plant for the space, with environmental factors in mind, you’ve already done a lot of the work. Ask yourself the following plant selection questions:

  1. What plants are native to this area?
  2. Can I give it the right amount of water, sun, and nutrients that it requires?
  3. Is there enough space for it to grow and not become a hazard?
  4. What’s the purpose of this plant? Shade? Fruit? Fall colors?
  5. Are there any other plants or living things that could negatively or positively affect this plant (and vice versa)?

Considering these questions should narrow down the species of plants right for you. Choosing a plant that doesn’t meet certain requirements is more likely to become prone to pest infestation and disease.

Ask An Expert

If after you’ve done your research on the best type of plant for your lawn and landscape, you’re still unsure of the one that will thrive, don’t be afraid to ask for help. A professional arborist and landscaper not only knows about the types of local plants, but they can assess your area and help you choose one to match specific conditions.

Developing a proper plant health care plan may seem like a lot of work, but it’s the first step in preventing more maintenance for you in the future. Once a plan is put in place, a pro can help you schedule watering, pruning, and fertilizing for optimal growth. You will still need to monitor the plant to make sure it stays healthy, but it shouldn’t be hard to take notice of your beautiful landscape on a daily basis.