Do I Need Professional Tree Removal?

9 Times Out of 10, Yes


Need to remove a tree? You may need to consider hiring a professional tree removal company. There are more reasons to hire a pro than to try and do it yourself. Here are just a few.

Why Hire a Professional Tree Removal Company

Removing a tree is not an easy job. Unless you just planted it and soon changed your mind, tree removal should not be taken lightly. Trees are large, heavy, rooted plants with every branch trying not to cause damage to its surroundings.

A tree that’s already weak is even more of an unpredictable hazard. If you suspect it’s dead, dying, or diseased, it could fall in an unexpected direction. Not being prepared for the worst can mean having to pay for repairs.

A professional tree removal company not only diagnoses the best way to remove a tree, but they show up with the equipment and know-how to get the job done right. A reputable company also comes with licenses and insurance to cover the damage.

You’re better off calling a pro if your tree is:

  • Close to your house
  • Close to utility lines
  • Dead or diseased
  • A hazard to its surroundings
  • Tall enough that you can’t reach the top from standing on the ground.

Now that you’ve decided to call a pro, the next question is, how do you know if it’s a reputable company?

What to Look For

Since tree removal can be dangerous, you don’t want to hire just anyone. Some tree removal companies say they’re qualified to do a certain job, but you need to be vigilant about checking their references.

  1. License. What’s required is determined by where you live. Companies that only have a license for contract work may not specialize in tree removal. You may even find a landscaper who says they remove trees, but they may not work on all types or situations.
  2. Insurance. Make sure their insurance covers costs related to damage and workers comp. If one is missing, don’t be afraid to have them sign a waiver.
  3. Certification. To help determine qualifications, look for a company accredited by industry organizations. Working with a certified arborist is more helpful when working with trees believed to be compromised by structural damage or disease.
  4. Body of work. A company based in the burbs may not have a lot of experience removing trees in the city. Check to see what types of trees they have experience removing.

If you still have questions about whether to remove a tree and which professionals to call, contact the experts at Elite Tree Care. Our fully insured, ISA-certified arborists specialize in the safe removal of trees from residential and commercial properties. Contact us for a free quote and for help planning your next tree removal project.

Tree Removal Guide

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