Tree Removal Tips

For Decorating or Safety Purposes


Who’s ready to chop down a tree? It’s a question on the minds of many this time of year. Whether you’re thinking about taking one down in your yard or taking one inside to decorate, there’s a lot to consider before you do. Here’s a list of some similar tree removal tips no matter what the reason.

Tree Removal Questions

There’s a lot to consider before cutting down any tree. For instance, if the goal is a holiday decoration, ask yourself:

  1. Is there a more sustainable option? Yes. An artificial tree.
  2. Do I want to deal with the mess? Live trees leave a trail of pine needles and sometimes sap.
  3. Can I keep it alive while it’s up? Even when it’s cut, you still want to put a live tree in water to help prevent it from drying out and becoming more of a fire hazard.
  4. What’s the plan once the season is over? Research the tree recycling programs in your area.

If the goal is to remove a tree from your property, ask yourself:

  1. Why does this tree need to come down? If it’s dead or damaged and diseased beyond repair and treatment, then it should come down. If there’s a way to hold off, do it and save yourself time and money.
  2. Is this the best season to remove a tree? It’s easier during the dormant winter season once all the leaves are gone, the ground is frozen, and there are fewer plants in the way.
  3. Will this be an easy DIY project? If it’s a small tree that you need to transplant, maybe. If it’s a gigantic, unpredictable mature tree, no. Removing a tree is more than simply chopping it down. It’s taking the surroundings into consideration and planning accordingly. This project is best left to a professional tree removal company.

Once you’ve decided on the goal for tree removal, make sure you’re prepared for the process it entails.

The Tree Removal Process

Whether you’re about to remove a tree for decorative or safety purposes, you still need to prepare yourself for the process.

Decorative tree removal tips:

If you’re heading to a tree farm…

  • Determine if the trees are pre-cut and all you have to do is pick it up.
  • If you have to chop it yourself, you’ll want to go with the right cutting tools and proper wardrobe.
  • Also, make sure you have the right vehicle to bring the tree home. Pack your car or truck with the proper ties to help secure the tree for travel.

Removing a tree for safety reasons:

The first step is to research a reputable tree removal company.

  • Remember, cutting down a large tree from your property is an involved process that could result in damage if done incorrectly.
  • Make sure the company you choose is licensed and insured.
  • Clear any obstacles you can from around the tree.
  • Plan whether or not you want them to remove the stump or leave it.
  • Also, let the company know if you want to keep any of the wood.

While each process is very different, both take some planning, in the beginning, to help make it go smoothly.

Professional Tree Companies

When in doubt, there are always professionals ready to help you in any type of tree removal process. From cutting and delivering a tree you can decorate for the holidays to consulting on removing a tree from your yard, contact a pro who knows how to get the job done right.

Contact Elite Tree Care for your property tree removal needs. From the initial consultation to the removal of the tree and stump, we have the tools and expertise for the job. We’ll leave the decorating ideas to you.

Tree Removal Guide

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