Indoor Tree Care Tips

For Year-Round Decoration

This is the time of year when many families pick the perfect tree to bring inside their homes. It’s usually strung with lights and ornaments and then removed a few weeks later. But what if you wanted to keep a tree indoors all year? Certain trees can thrive indoors. Like any living thing, it will require extra care and attention. Follow these indoor tree care tips to make the most out of bringing a new tree into your life.

Indoor Tree Care Tips

Whether a tree is kept indoors or out, it still requires necessities such as water, nutrients, and pruning. The amount of each requirement differs depending on the environment. Here are some basics to keep in mind before bringing a tree indoors.

  1. Space. Where are you planning on putting this tree? Do you have a tall, skinny spot in your entryway to fill? Or are you looking to add a tropical-looking plant to your sunroom display? The size of the space will often dictate the size of the container which then controls the size of the plant. A tabletop bonsai tree is a lot different than a ten-foot palm placed in a 20-gallon container.
  2. Temperature. This is easier to control indoors when you’re not competing with Mother Nature. However, the type of plant you choose may still require more regulation, especially during certain times of the year. Tropical plants will still need a certain level of warmth, light, and moisture that only a regularly humid area can provide. Other typical house plants may quickly wither and die if placed in a sunny window that gets hotter at certain points of the day.
  3. Food and Water. Trees that live outside adapt to their environment and get a lot of their nutrients from the soil. Precipitation provides hydration while watering schedules are adjusted if needed. Even though outdoor trees still require attention, they’re much more self-sufficient than plants that live inside. It’s an indoor plant owner’s responsibility to provide the proper nutrients and water needed for its survival.
  4. Dormancy. It’s clear to see how outdoor trees grow and change throughout the season. Some leaves change and fall to prepare for the winter. Then the tree comes back to life in the spring. Indoor trees also experience a dormant period, even though it’s not as noticeable. However, older leaves may still yellow and fall off. Certain trees still flower or grow fruit at certain times of the year. The frequency varies depending on the tree, environment, and level of care.

Professional Tree Care

Whether your tree is kept indoors or out, it still may experience problems throughout its life. Just as you may call a tree doctor to help diagnose an outdoor issue, these professionals can also help care for a tree kept indoors. Typically the issue will be related to the environment or feeding schedule, but it could also be a pest or fungal disease. Either way, contact Elite Tree Care for more indoor tree care tips and to help keep your plants healthy wherever they’re planted.

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