Choosing the Right Indoor Tree

To Thrive Throughout the Year

Raise your hand if you currently have a live tree in your home. Keep it raised if you plan on keeping it there well after the holiday. Into the spring? Through the summer? For as long as you can keep it alive? While a seven-foot spruce may not be the best year-round indoor plant, there are certainly other trees that are. Read on to find the best type of indoor tree to fit your home and maintenance level. Bonus: these trees don’t need to be decorated.

Types of Indoor Tree

No matter where you live or what holidays you celebrate, you can benefit from bringing a tree indoors. Of course, certain types of trees are better suited for inside. Like any plant, these trees have their own set of requirements, from temperature to lighting preferences.

Rock around these trees all year:

  1. Norfolk island pine. Yes, it’s a pine! But unlike their cousins, they make great indoor plants when kept in bright light and cool temperatures with moderate watering. They can also get up to six feet tall, so feel free to make it festive this time of year.
  2. Fiddle leaf fig. This popular plant enjoys bright light and humid conditions. You can also let it hang out outside in the summer. Just make sure the ceilings are high enough to accommodate its adult height of up to ten feet tall.
  3. Ficus. One of the more popular indoor plants because of its lush leaves and low-maintenance needs. Keep it in a well-lit room and only water it when the soil is dry.
  4. Yucca. With a solid trunk and strap-like leaves, you may find this plant potted with others of staggering heights. These trees also enjoy soaking up the sun in a well-drained sandy soil mix.
  5. Palm. Add a tropical touch to your decor with lush fronds that thrive on indirect light and an even amount of moisture. Some types prefer more light than others, so make sure to pick the right one for a bright or low-light space.
  6. Jade. The low-maintenance succulent needs a lot of light, not a lot of water, and can tolerate cooler weather indoors. Its trunk and leaves give it a sculptural look whether in large pots or as bonsai plants.
  7. Money Tree. The braided trunk sets this plant apart. It prefers more bright and humid areas of the home.
  8. Fruit trees. Several species of fruit trees are native to tropical regions, but they could make excellent houseplants under the right conditions. Consider guava, kumquat, banana, and citrus trees if you can give them enough light and moisture. Sneak them outside in the summer and they’ll feel right at home.

Indoor Tree Care

Before bringing a plant indoors, find out what type of environment it thrives in and have a room in mind. The size of the room helps to determine how tall you should let it grow. The size of the pot will do the rest. Keep plants small in tabletop planters. Let them grow to their full potential in larger floor models.

Be prepared for any high-maintenance plant preferences. Remember, even tropical plants can be overwatered. A little planning, in the beginning, can help set your tree up for a healthy future. For more information about specific tree care requirements, contact the specialists at Elite Tree Care. Celebrate your love of plants all year with the right indoor variety.

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