Tree Removal Alternatives

What to Consider Before You Cut

Tree removal is not a cheap or easy process. Yet, many homeowners automatically choose this option when a problem arises. If you have a tree you’re considering removing, there are other options. Not only are these tree removal alternatives less expensive, but they’re better for the environment since healthy trees contribute so much more than you think.

Benefits of Trees

Why would you want to keep a tree instead of removing it? Trees provide beauty, shade, oxygen, and shelter to you, your property, and the local wildlife. It’s been noted that properties with healthy trees are often more desirable real estate. The shade helps cut cooling costs. Some provide food for your family and area wildlife. But all of these benefits depend on whether the tree is healthy or not. Just as there are many benefits, a tree could also cause many problems.

Causes for Concern

There are many reasons why you may consider removing a tree:

  • Too close to your home, other structures, or utility lines
  • Extensive storm damage
  • Pest infestation
  • Disease

While tree removal may be the best solution in some of these cases, it’s a good idea to get a professional opinion before immediately cutting it down. After an initial consultation, a certified arborist may recommend another solution before removing the tree.

Tree Removal Alternatives

No matter what issues you’re having with your tree, there’s usually more than one solution.

  1. If a tree is too close to an important structure, try trimming it to the point where it will grow in the opposite direction.
  2. Extensive damage to main branches can be strengthened with certain bracing techniques.
  3. Pest and disease problems can be treated with formulated pesticides and herbicides.
  4. Root issues may be corrected with chemical treatments and better soil maintenance.
  5. Any overgrown trees that are blocking views or dropping dead branches can be pruned properly.

If you would rather save the tree than remove it, contact a professional to diagnose a problem and come up with alternative solutions. Calling a certified arborist is different than contacting a tree removal company. Make sure you’re getting a company that doesn’t specialize in only tree removal, since that’s where they’re likely to lead you.

When Tree Removal is the Answer

Sometimes the best option is tree removal. If a professional has evaluated the tree and thinks it should be removed then the job should definitely be done properly. Tree removal alone is dangerous enough. Trees that are too unhealthy to keep will be even more precarious to remove. Make sure the company you choose to remove a tree is insured to do the job properly.

Once the work is done, consider planting another tree in the right area. Keep in mind how big it will get and what factors led to the demise of your last tree. Plant a new one in the proper place to help it grow strong and healthy in order to fully benefit from all it has to offer.

Tree Removal Guide

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