Researching a Tree Removal Company

What to Look for & Avoid

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When looking for the right professional for any home project, there are many ways to help ensure you choose the right one. Here we’ll discuss researching a tree removal company, but you can apply these tips to other pros as well.

Researching a Tree Removal Company

You know your tree needs attention: it may be dropping leaves early, branches may be broken, or it could be infested with pests. You may not know the cause; why are some branches bare and what’s that oozing growth?

Your first move may be to research the reasons why your tree is in distress. The Internet is full of articles trying to diagnose the problem. One of the most efficient ways to determine the cause is to research a tree care professional.

Contacting a pro cuts down on the time and effort it takes to diagnose the problem yourself and try all the prescribed treatments. An experienced professional not only gets to the cause quicker but can easily offer solutions. But how do you know which pro to call?

Here’s what you should look for before contacting any professional service provider:

  1. Credentials. Is the pro certified in their field? Their website usually lists the names of certifications and organizations. For instance, Elite Tree Care is affiliated with the International Society of Arboriculture, PA Certified and Licensed Applicators with over 30 years of experience.
  2. Insured. When the work requires the use of heavy machinery or involves potentially dangerous methods, such as climbing an unstable tree, you want to make sure the work is insured to cover any damage or injury. While insurance information may be listed on their website, make sure you see a valid dated copy before any work is done.
  3. Reviews. There are plenty of places to find reviews online. Look for recent postings or ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors that have had similar work done.

Make a list of these certified, insured, positively reviewed companies and request a quote from all of them. Then you can compare and narrow down your choice even more.

Comparing Service Providers

The next step in your research is having each company quote your project. Give them all the same parameters: diagnosing disease, tree trimming or removal, stump removal, etc. Some companies may give you a quote based on a written review while others will come out to evaluate the site.

Pay attention to the methods they suggest to solve a problem. Some practices, like tree topping, are outdated and could cause even more issues with your trees. It’s okay to take their suggestions and do your own research on what may be involved to help you make a decision.

Some projects could also require additional equipment they need to rent, like a bucket truck or stump grinder. This may incur additional fees. Be sure all equipment and fees are listed in the initial quote. All parts of the project should be detailed in writing to help with choosing a professional and making sure the project is complete.

Choosing a professional to help with any project is supposed to make things easier. Hiring the right pro makes all the difference. A little research upfront can help prevent big problems in the future.

Tree Removal Guide

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