What Not to do to Trees this Summer

They Deserve a Break

summer tree care

Summer is a time for relaxing, right? Many people take time off, vacation, sit back and enjoy the warmer weather. So here’s a list of summer tree care don’ts. Give yourself and your tree a break.

Summer Tree Care Don’ts

There’s a long list of things you should do for your trees in other seasons. Winter is the best time for pruning. Spring is when it wakes up and you should replenish mulch. Fall leaves need to be raked. So, what about summer? Summer is all about things you shouldn’t do:

  1. Overwater. Yes, summer is hot and dry, and you know the importance of hydration. But too much water can also be a bad thing. While the surface may look dry, check the soil a few inches deep. If this is also dry, go ahead and give it a long drink. Deeply watering less frequently helps promote root growth which strengthens the plant and makes it more drought-tolerant. Plus, since you mulched in the spring (wink wink) you also helped the area retain moisture and regulate temperature. Oh, you didn’t mulch yet? Don’t worry, it’s better late than never.
  2. Prune. Trees and plants are stressed enough with the summer heat and scorching sun. You don’t need to give it more work to do—like try to heal from pruning cuts. Pruning triggers growth, and any new growth will be weaker and less likely to thrive in the harsh heat. Only prune what’s necessary, like diseased branches or any storm damage.
  3. Plant. Newly planted trees typically need a lot of water to establish a strong root system. This is why the spring and fall are ideal times since there’s usually more rain. Summer can stress the strongest of trees, so you definitely don’t want to put that kind of pressure on a newbie.
  4. Ignore your tree. Even though you want to give your tree—and yourself—a break this summer, it doesn’t mean you should ignore it completely. Still check in every once in a while, especially if you notice the leaves turning color and dropping early.

Do Pros Take Vacation?

Summer may be a slower season for tree care, but you can always count on a professional when needed. Keeping a tree healthy and pest-free is an ongoing, year-round commitment. Contact Elite Tree Care for any questions or concerns about your tree, no matter the month.

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