Summer Tree Pruning Tips

What to Cut This Season

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Yes, we know summer is not the ideal time for pruning. Any major work should wait until the dormant winter season. However, this is the right time to prune under certain circumstances. Here are some summer tree pruning tips on what should be done now.

Summer Tree Pruning Tips

While we know winter is the best time for pruning, we also know it’s always a good time to prune damaged or diseased trees. If you notice any dead or broken branches, feel free to trim it. This is especially important to help control what could possibly come down in an extreme summer storm.

The same goes for pest control. If you see a particular branch infected with pests, getting rid of the branch can help control a larger infestation. If the infected area is the main trunk or leading branch, have a professional help determine the best course of action.

Late spring and early summer is also an ideal time to prune certain trees, especially ones that flower. Once the blooms fade, trim it back to encourage more buds to grow next year. Trimming maple trees in the summer also helps cut back on bleeding sap. Once the leaf buds open, the sap is less likely to leak from pruning wounds.

Professional Tree Trimming

No matter what time of year you decide to prune, it’s always a good idea to have a professional do the work. Pruning may have many benefits—including improving the overall health of the tree—but it can also be harmful when done incorrectly. A skilled professional will know which branches to cut and how much is too much. They’ll also come prepared with the right tools for the job and expert skills for taking down large, precarious branches.

If your tree needs some summer love, contact the tree care specialists at Elite Tree Care for a consultation. We’ll help you decide if it’s okay to prune and get the job done right.

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