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Branches Over Roofs

Pruning Branches Over Roofs

Some Do’s and Don’ts

There are many things to love about trees. Their beautiful shape, budding spring blooms, welcomed summer shade, and vibrant fall colors just to name a few. One thing not to love is large, looming branches over roofs. Learn how to deal with this potential hazard while preserving what you love about trees. Read more

Proper Tree Planting Spots

Proper Tree Planting Spots

Start Planning Before You Start Planting

There are many reasons to plant a tree: shade, privacy, beauty, just to name a few. But before you break ground, there are many factors to consider before picking proper tree planting spots. Read more

Tree Removal Process to DIY

Tree Removal Process

What to DIY and What Not

Those looking at their tree thinking it will be easy to just chop it down themselves—stop! This is for you. The tree removal process requires thought, planning, and the utmost care. Read more

Tree Scale

Tree Scale 101

What it is & How to Threat

When it comes to tree scale, what you see is what you have. A scaly appearance on the tree trunk, branches, and twigs are actually sap-sucking insects. Learn more about tree scale and how it can be treated. Read more

Properly Pruning Mature Trees

Properly Pruning Mature Trees

Pro Tip: Hire a Pro

Tree care is just as important in any stage of its life. From seedlings to sturdy, established plants, each stage has its own requirements—especially when it needs extra care to overcome damage or disease. Here are some tips for pruning mature trees, and why it's even more important to ensure its health later in life. Read more

Cables and Brace Rods

Cables and Brace Rods

How it Helps Support Your Trees

When trees need a little more structural support, a series of cables and brace rods can be installed to help reduce the risk of breakage and further damage. Learn more about each and how they can help maintain the proper structure of your tree. Read more