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Prune or Remove Woodland Trees

Should You Prune or Remove Woodland Trees

And Who’s the Best Person for the Job

Owning wooded property—whether for a home or business—adds a level of responsibility when it comes to the trees. Learn when it's best to prune or remove woodland trees and how to go about it safely. Read more

Is Peeling Tree Bark a Problem

Is Peeling Tree Bark a Problem

Maybe, Maybe Not—How to Tell

While it may look like an issue, peeling tree bark may not be a cause for concern. Learning what to look for helps determine if there's a real problem. Read more

Waiting for Fall Tree Pruning

Fall Tree Pruning

Why You Should Wait

This may be good news for some gardeners: fall is a great time to procrastinate—when it comes to tree pruning. Read more

Is a Hollow Tree Dangerous

Is a Hollow Tree Dangerous?

How to Tell & What to Do

While birds, squirrels, and other animals may see an opening in a hollow tree and think home, homeowners may see it and think danger. Tree hollows are natural occurrences and not an immediate cause for concern. However, it's still best for a professional to assess the situation and help you plan for the tree's future. Read more

Alternative Uses for Autumn Leaves

Alternative Uses for Autumn Leaves

Ways to Collect and Redistribute

Now that it finally feels like fall, it makes sense that the leaves are changing color and falling from the tree. If you're tired of all the raking and bagging, there are a few alternative uses for autumn leaves once they hit the ground. Read more

Dealing with Overhanging Tree Branches

Dealing with Overhanging Tree Branches

Whose Turn is it This Time?

If a tree branch hangs over your yard, but its trunk is rooted in your neighbor's, is it your responsibility? Dealing with overhanging tree branches can be tricky business. Learn more about who's responsible for what and what to do about it. Read more