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Spring Tree Care Plan

Spring Tree Care Plan

Lawn and Garden Checklist

It's officially the month of spring! Are you ready? Are your plants ready? If not, start your spring tree care plan today! Read more

Winter is the Best Time for Tree Removal

When’s the Best Time for Tree Removal

Plus 3 Reasons Why

Do you have a tree that needs to come down? If you've done everything you can to help bring it back to life, but nothing is working, it may be time to say goodbye. Some good news: winter is the best time for tree removal! Read on to learn why and what to do next. Read more

Maintaining Plant Health Tips

10 Tips on Maintaining Plant Health

From Planning to Pest Prevention

Maintaining plant health should start even before you purchase a plant. For plants to grow and thrive, they need the right environment. Do some research to determine what plants are best for the areas you want to grow them—whether indoors or out. Then follow these tips for continuing to maintain a plant's health for the remainder of its life. Read more

How to Prune Damaged Trees

How to Prune Damaged Trees

Making all the Right Cuts

After snow, ice, and wind wreak havoc on your trees, you may have some branches to clean up. After cleaning up debris off the ground, look up. Are there any dangling limbs threatening to fall? Follow these tips on how to prune damaged trees before another storm hits and more damage is done. Read more

Plant Health Evaluation

Completing a Plant Health Evaluation

Learn the Signs of Plant Health and Issues

While the plants outside may be dormant, the ones indoors may be thriving—or in need of some TLC. Here are some tips on completing a plant health evaluation for your garden, indoors and out. Read more

When You Need Professional Tree Removal

Professional Tree Removal

When to Cut it or Call the Pros

There are times when you can cut down a tree yourself, and there are times when you should leave it for the pros. Here's a look at when you need professional tree removal and when you can give it a go yourself. Read more