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Tree Removal Insurance Worth

Is Tree Removal Insurance Worth It?

Short Answer: Yes.

If you’re about to do something dangerous, would you want to help protect yourself and others who could be impacted? We sure hope so. And this is why tree removal insurance is worth it. Read more

Estimating Tree Removal Costs

Estimating Tree Removal Cost

Know Before You Quote

Is it time for a tree to come down? As much as it pains you to have to give up its natural beauty and shade, sometimes tree removal is the right choice, but it’s not a cheap one. While every project is different, there are ways of estimating tree removal cost to gauge how much you may have to pay. Read more

Plant Appreciation Post

This is a Plant Appreciation Post

More Than Just Smelling Roses

They say you should take time to stop and smell the roses, but what about pausing to appreciate the plants? Plants add so much to our lives, whether they're indoors or out. Here are some reasons for plant appreciation. Read more

Determine Tree Pruning Liability

How to Determine Tree Pruning Liability

And What to do Next

Getting along with neighbors may come naturally to some, but when nature interferes, it could change the dynamic. If there’s a tree in between property lines, and its branches are dangerously close to damaging anything you own, it’s time to have a neighborly conversation. Know your rights and how to determine tree pruning liability. Read more

Tree Bark Peeling

Why is my Tree Bark Peeling?

Natural Causes & Causes for Concern

Like all living things, trees go through a lot of growth and change. Some changes—like peeling tree bark—may seem worse than they are. There are multiple reasons for tree bark peeling. Here are a few. Read more

Plant Doctors

Is There a Plant Doctor in the House?

Reasons to Make an Appointment

Paging Dr. Plant. If you love to garden but need to strengthen your green thumb, consider consulting with a plant doctor. Like medical doctors, these professionals can help diagnose disease and prescribe formulas to help restore health in a living thing. Only plant doctors focus on the ficus and other leafy greens in and around your home and garden. Read more