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Remove a Tree this Spring

4 Signs You Should Remove a Tree this Spring

Plus, How to Prevent Problems

Removing a tree should not be an easy choice. Not only do trees provide a number of benefits to homeowners, but they can also become a hazard in various ways. While some of the causes are natural, others can be avoided with proper tree care. Here are some of the reasons why you should remove a tree this spring and some ways you can help prevent problems from happening.¬† Read more

Root Zone Invigoration

Root Zone Invigoration

What it is & Why it’s Needed

When you think of tree care, what's the first thing that comes to mind? The trunk? Branches? Leaves? Let's start at the root of all plant health: the roots. Root zone invigoration is a set of practices designed to revitalize the intricate root system. Discover what's involved and why it's important for healthy plant growth. Read more

Tree Pruning Sealers

What’s a Tree Pruning Sealer

And Why it Should be Avoided

There are many benefits to pruning trees. However, any time you make a cut, you're essentially wounding the bark. While healthy trees have an easier time healing itself, some people may want to try to help the process along. There are tree pruning sealers on the market that claim to minimize damage, but are they worth it? Read on to find out. Read more

Tree Preservation Tips

9 Tree Preservation Tips

How to Keep Trees Healthy from the Roots Up

Trees are a natural wonder. While trees can live for centuries in the forest, ones in our own backyards need more care to survive. Here are some tree preservation tips to help support these environmental assets. Read more

Arbor Day Tree Care Tips

Arbor Day Tree Care Tips

Ways to Celebrate Healthy, Vibrant Trees

What better way to celebrate Arbor Day than to show your trees some love. Here's a little history about the day and some Arbor Day tree care tips to help ensure your plants feel special. Read more

Types of Tree Pruning Tools

Types of Tree Pruning Tools

And the Safe Way to Use Them

Now that late winter pruning is over, you may be getting ready for the next best time to prune. For plants that bloom in the spring, wait until their flowers fade to cut anything back. Here are some of the most common types of tree pruning tools and how to safely use each one. Read more