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Fall Tree Care

Fall Tree Care Tips

Prepping Trees from Root to Branch

Tree care in the fall means more than dealing with leaves. Leaves become more of an issue for your lawn. There are still things your tree needs to help prepare it for the winter months. Read more

Tree Removal insurance

Will Insurance Pay for Tree Removal?

What to Expect Before You Make a Claim

Whether a tree has fallen on your property or it's a hazard and needs to come down, before you panic, ask yourself, will insurance pay for it? There are several instances where tree removal should be covered. Read more

Estimating Tree Removal Cost

Estimating Tree Removal Cost

Learn the Factors Affecting Each Quote

All trees are different, so estimating the cost of tree removal is going to be different for each situation. This is why it's important to get multiple estimates from different companies to pick the one that best suits your needs and budget. Read more

Celebrate Arbor Day in August

Can You Celebrate Arbor Day in August?

How to Cherish Your Trees Every Day

Depending on where you live around the world, you may be celebrating Arbor Day in April, June, or September. No matter where you are in the world, you can celebrate the wonder and beauty of trees every day! So here are some ways to celebrate this month. Read more

Tree Pruning Liability

Tree Pruning Liability

Who’s Responsible for Maintenance

When trees cross the property line, who needs to prune it? It's a question many homeowners struggle with and could lead to disputes, especially when something goes wrong. Learn a little about tree pruning liability, and talk to your neighbors to come to an agreement about the best way to handle the work. Read more

Peeling Tree Bark Causes

Why Tree Bark is Peeling

From Natural to More Problematic Causes

When layers of bark start shedding from your tree, it may not be cause for alarm, but it's worth it to discover what is causing the peeling tree bark. Causes range from natural growth to possible disease, so take a closer look to discover any other indication of what's really happening. Read more