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The Best Time for Tree Removal

The Best Time for Tree Removal

And 7 Reasons Why

So, it's time to remove your tree, is it? If you've already determined there's no other option than to cut down a tree to prevent further damage, then you're in luck. The best time for tree removal is quickly approaching. Read more

Watering Trees

When Should I Stop Watering my Trees?

Setting a Seasonal Schedule

After the summer barbecues simmer and autumn leaves fall, we start to put away the yard maintenance tools. But wait! What about the watering can? When is it safe to stop watering trees and other outdoor plants? Learn more about how to gauge your seasonal watering schedule. Read more

Tree Pruning Timeline

Is it Time Yet?

When Can We Start Pruning Trees?

Is it time yet? Maybe not quite at the level as are we there yet, but it's still a question on the minds of many impatient pruners. The short answer: no, not quite. Soon. It may not be the most favorable response, but it's the one your plants will thank you for. Read on to learn more about the best tree pruning timeline. Read more

Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal

Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal

Which Method is Right for You

Whether you've cut down a tree yourself or had it professionally removed, you're probably still left with the stump in the ground. Stump removal is a separate process with several different methods of getting the job done. Stump grinding is one of these methods, but it doesn't get to the root of the problem. Learn more about both terms and determine which method is right for you. Read more

Best Time for Tree Planting

The Best Time for Tree Planting

And The Pre-Planning Process

With all the leaves changing colors now, your mind may be on trees this time of year. But is it the best time to plant something new? Maybe. Spring and fall are typically the best time for tree planting, depending on what area you're in and what you're planting. Read more

Tree Pruning Signs

5 Signs a Tree Needs Pruning

No Matter What Time of Year

Fall may not be the best time to prune trees, but there are some exceptions. If you notice any of the following five tree pruning signs it's best to take action any time of the year. Read more