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Why Tree Removal is Expensive

Why Tree Removal is Expensive

And How to Save Some Money

Trees are magnificent beasts. Some can grow to massive sizes and provide a whole yard with shade. So when it comes to removing a tree, don’t expect it to be cheap—for good reason. Here are some of those reasons why tree removal is expensive and how you can help save yourself some money. Read more

Summer Tree Care Tasks

Six Summer Tree Care Tasks

Prepping for Pests & Weather

Summer is usually the time you can take a break from the everyday and enjoy a nice vacation. Before you get comfortable under an umbrella somewhere, make sure your plants are comfy too. Managing tree care in the summer isn’t as involved as the spring or fall seasons, but there are still at least six summer tree care tasks that require your attention. The result is a lovely landscape for relaxing. Read more

Summer Tree Pruning Tips

5 Summer Tree Pruning Tips

And 5 Reasons to Trim This Season

The key to backyard bliss this season is keeping trees in top shape. Sometimes that means a little extra maintenance even though it’s not the best season to trim. Here are some summer tree pruning tips to help ensure your tree stands tall this season. Read more

Treating Common Tree Problems

Tips for Treating Common Tree Problems

And Determining the Cause

Could you tell if your tree was in trouble? There are the sure signs: leaf spots, bare/broken branches, and insect infestation. But would you know why this is happening and what to do? Here are some common issues and tips for treating tree problems. Read more

Spring Tree Maintenance

Spring Tree Maintenance & Removal

4 Reasons for Taking Action Today

As the unofficial start of summer approaches, the window for major tree maintenance closes. Get in some final pruning days before harsh weather hits. You should also take this time to evaluate if a weaker tree should be removed before wild summer storms. Learn more about the reasons spring tree maintenance and removal are important. Read more

Preventing Plant Problems

Preventing Common Plant Problems

Understanding What Your Plant Needs

No one plants something in the hopes of it becoming infested with pests or disease. However, planting something without thinking about regular maintenance could be just as bad. There are easy ways of preventing common plant problems, including disease and pest infestation. It doesn’t all take a lot of work, but it does take thought and planning. Read more