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Plant Doctor

Is There a Plant Doctor in the House?

Tips to Turning Black Thumbs Green

We're not all blessed with green thumbs. Though some claim they can never keep any plants alive no matter how much they try. Is there a simple solution? Other than faux plants, try the tips below and if all else fails, call in a plant doctor. Read more

Tree Doctor Consultation

Is There a Tree Doctor in the House?

Who to Call When a Tree is Sick

Who do you call when you're sick? While a parent or significant other is a great source of comfort and most likely full of advice, it's usually a doctor who has the ability to prescribe something stronger. The same goes for a tree doctor. Learn the symptoms of sickness in your tree and who you can call to help. Read more

Stop Tree Pruning

When to Stop Tree Pruning

And When to Start Again

Does it seem like yard work is never done? Between mowing the lawn, watering the garden, and pulling the weeds, there's always something to do. Good news is, there is a time when you can stop tree pruning. Read on to learn when enough is enough. Read more

Tree Removal Timetable

Tree Removal Timetable

How Long Should the Process Take

When it comes to tree removal, time is money (literally). If you hire a professional company to do the work—which is always the safe and efficient option—they will likely charge for the amount of time and manpower to get the job done. So, how long should it take? That depends on several factors, including you and the tree. Here's what to consider when factoring your tree removal timetable. Read more

Tree Removal Cost

Determining Tree Removal Cost

Factors that Effect Price

You've determined that a tree in your yard needs to be removed. Whether because of the condition or surroundings, it's been decided by you and/or a certified arborist that it's the best option. But what determines tree removal cost? There are many more factors that go into quoting this professional process. Read more

Summer Tree Care

6 Tips for Summer Tree Care

Then Relax in the Shade

Summer is a time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your lawn and garden. But the work is not all done. Even though it's not the time of year to do extensive yard maintenance, you still have some work to do this season. Here are six tips for summer tree care. Read more