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Prune Damaged Trees

How to Prune Damaged Trees

And Who Should Do the Job

By nature, trees are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions year-round. However, there are certain circumstances when they can become damaged and need our help. Regular pruning and maintenance are necessary for most trees in your yard. But there are times when you need to do more than just water and trim. Learn how to prune damaged trees the right way. Depending on the damage, it may be best to call a certified arborist to help your tree heal. Read more

Plant Health Evaluation

Conducting a Plant Health Evaluation

For the Wellbeing of Your Plants

How healthy are your plants? If you’re not sure, just look at them, they may be telling you everything you need to know. Completing a plant health evaluation takes know-how and observation. Learn how to spot the signs of plant problems and help ensure your plant is the healthiest it can be. Read more

Professional Tree Removal

Do I Need Professional Tree Removal?

9 Times Out of 10, Yes

Need to remove a tree? You may need to consider hiring a professional tree removal company. There are more reasons to hire a pro than to try and do it yourself. Here are just a few. Read more

Plant Health Care Plan

Developing a Plant Health Care Plan

With Expert Advice

Imagine your plants are healthy and thriving. Your trees are strong and stable. Your shrubs beautifully accent your yard. All of this is possible with the right plant health care plan. Discover what it takes to develop a program that allows for effortless care and easy maintenance. Read more

Winter Tree Pruning Process

Winter Tree Pruning Process

Unless You’re Waiting for Spring

Even though we’re just a few weeks into winter, many minds start to drift dreamily to spring. Thoughts of budding flowers, thawing grass, and trees reawakening make the long, cold days a little brighter. Make sure you’re ready to bring your garden back to life by familiarizing yourself with the winter tree pruning process. Use these tips to help prep your plants for a full recovery. Read more

Recycling Real Christmas Trees

Recycling Real Christmas Trees

Giving Back to Nature

Raise your hand if you still have your Christmas tree up and decorated? How many trees do you think have been on the curb since December 27th? No matter when you take it down, think about how you give a gift to the environment by recycling real Christmas trees. Read more