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Cabling and Bracing Techniques

Supporting Weak Tree Limbs

With Cabling and Bracing Techniques

With fall winds whipping branches and blowing leaves around, it’s time to take your eyes off the pretty colors and focus on those limbs. Healthy trees are more likely to withstand a certain amount of wind gust before breaking any branches. However, weaker trees may need more support. Learn how to tell if your tree could use cabling and bracing techniques to stand up to windy weather and prepare for winter’s wrath. Read more

Alternatives to Tree Removal

4 Alternatives to Tree Removal

What to Consider Before Cutting

Now that it’s fall and trees are showing off their colorful style, it’s even harder to consider removing them. However, there are times when you think removing a tree is your only option. Here are several alternatives to tree removal to consider first. Read more

Fall Tree Planting

3 Reasons to Plant Trees this Season

Plus the Proper Way How

Trees get a lot of attention this time of year. They put on a colorful show as their leaves change and drop. While it may not be a great season for pruning, it’s a wonderful time for fall tree planting. Here are several reasons why you should consider planting now and how to go about it. Read more

Pruning Trees in Fall

Pruning Trees in Fall

Why You Should Wait

Tree pruning is an important part of regular maintenance. Removing a dead or diseased branch could mean the difference between preventing it from falling and causing damage or having the disease spread. However, pruning trees in fall is not recommended unless it’s for dire, preventative reasons. Find out why. Read more

Fall Tree Care Tips

Fall Tree Care Tips

From the Ground Up

As the season transitions to fall, all eyes turn to trees. While most of the attention is on the brightly colored leaves, there should also be some consideration for the branches, trunk, and roots. Here are some fall tree care tips to keep in mind before, during, and after the leaves change and drop. Read more

Fallen Tree Removal

Fallen Tree Removal

Who to Call & Who Pays

If a tree falls on your house, but it’s not planted in your yard, who pays for the damage? Get to the root of the fallen tree removal process to weigh your options. Read more