Remove a Healthy Tree? 3 Reasons to Consider Doing It.

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Why would a homeowner remove a perfectly healthy tree from their property? In an ideal world, trees would grow in the right place at the right time, share nutrients and sunlight nicely with nearby trees, and stay well out of the way of people and property. In reality, however, trees that were once well-behaved and small decades ago can grow into potential hazards, crowd out other trees, and threaten their surroundings. Even then, tree removal should be a last resort, after you’ve consulted with a professional tree company about other options. But in some cases, it needs to be done. Here are three reasons why you may indeed want to remove a healthy tree.

Remove a Healthy Tree – Reason #1: To Let Preferred Trees Grow

Favoring trees may sound as unthinkable as favoring one child over another. But if you have two or more trees competing for sunlight and root space, it can be a necessary decision. Remember that roots for most tree species extend twice as wide as the crown, and most of the tree roots are in the top foot and a half of soil.

If you have an issue with competing trees, think about your ultimate objective with the space. For example, do you want the tree or trees to protect wildlife, enhance the beauty of your property, or provide shade to your home?

The removal of one tree can increase the light, moisture, and nutrients available to another preferred tree. That tree will become healthier and grow faster. It’s lifespan will most likely be extended. Likewise, its usefulness and value to you and future homeowners will increase.

Remove a Healthy Tree – Reason #2: To Settle a Dispute

Maybe they make a fair argument. Maybe they are just plain difficult. Either way, your neighbors are griping that your tree encroaches on their property or drops small branches into their yard. They want it removed. Like it or not, if it’s your tree, it’s your responsibility. You have to maintain your property in such a manner that you do not interfere with your neighbor’s use and enjoyment of his or her property.

In this situation, take the high road. Make a point to meet with your neighbor face to face to discuss the matter. Then take corrective action promptly. You will gain a friend, or at the very least, establish your reputation as a responsible homeowner. Plus, if you’re lucky, the neighbor may offer to share in part of the costs of regular pruning or removal. An additional note: do your homework and talk to your insurance provider about the issue…just in case.

Remove a Healthy Tree – Reason #3: To Prevent Disaster

That old oak tree out in front of your house is a majestic, beloved landmark for you and for others who have watched it grow over the years. But now it’s buckling the sidewalk and posing a pedestrian hazard. Or perhaps the trees roots are getting dangerously strong and cracking the foundation of your home. Or its lush, towering canopy is reaching into power lines and threatening to cause major outages.

It’s best to consider alternatives to removal, especially when a tree is healthy. Find out if you can pay to reconfigure a sidewalk or path to upkeep public right-of-way rather than remove a favorite old tree. If a tree’s roots are damaging the foundation of your home, consider root barriers.

Before doing anything, consult with a reputable tree company for a complete evaluation of your individual situation. It’s quite possible that a tree specialist can fix the issue by pruning or removing certain sections of the tree. Contact Elite Tree Care at 610-935-2279 for an expert opinion and diagnosis of your particular tree problem. Have confidence in our team to do a thorough, thoughtful and safe job to protect your trees, your property, and your best interests.

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