Will Insurance Pay for Tree Removal?

What to Expect Before You Make a Claim


Whether a tree has fallen on your property or it’s a hazard and needs to come down, before you panic, ask yourself, will insurance pay for it? There are several instances where tree removal should be covered by insurance.

Tree Removal Insurance

While there’s no insurance policy on trees, your homeowner’s insurance should cover the cost of tree removal and damages if it falls on a structure during a storm. It all depends on the circumstances. Here’s what should be covered:

  • An otherwise healthy tree or its branches fall in a storm and damages a fence, shed, home, or car. Plants and other landscape features may also be covered.
  • Removing a tree that’s fallen and blocks your driveway or access ramp.
  • If a professional, insured company does damage while removing the tree, it’s covered by their insurance.

There are some exceptions. For instance, if a tree in your yard damages something in your neighbor’s yard during a storm, their insurance would cover the claim. You’re liable if the tree was dying and you were warned of the hazard. Also, if you’re the one cutting down the tree and it damages your neighbor’s property, you would be held responsible. Where the tree falls is also taken into consideration. Some policies may only cover covered structures and not the lawn itself.

What Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Not everything is covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy.  Be sure to check before you do any work and expect to make a claim. Any of the following would be considered a homeowner’s responsibility to maintain:

  • Removing a perfectly good tree
  • Removing a dead or diseased tree that hasn’t fallen
  • If a fallen tree hasn’t damaged anything
  • Tree pruning cost

For more detailed information, check your home insurance policy or call your insurance agent. You’ll also want to contact your local municipality for information on trees falling on your property from a public street. For ways to properly prune or remove a tree that hasn’t fallen, contact Elite Tree Care.

Tree Removal Guide

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