The Winter Tree Pruning Process

What to Know & What to do

Your trees may be looking a little sad at the moment. But when you take some time to properly prune your trees now, you’ll be awarded a healthy, happy, beautiful tree come spring. Here are some tips on the winter tree pruning process to keep in mind.

Winter Tree Pruning Process

If you’ve been following along, you know that winter is prime tree pruning time. The plants are dormant, and you can see what you’re doing without all the leaves in the way. Plus, it’s also the time of year when snow and ice can turn a broken branch into a disaster waiting to happen. So if you think the tree could use some trimming, especially for safety sake, get ready to prune.

One of the first things to consider is the size and location of your tree. If you can’t reach the branches that need to be cut, or there are power lines and unmovable structures in the way (like your roof) stop what you’re doing and call a professional. It’s not worth getting on a ladder with a sharp object and getting hurt or causing any expensive damage if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If the tree is short enough, then you can move on to make sure you have the right tools. These tools should be clean and sharp so that the pruning cuts are clean and not likely to harm the plant more.

Once the tools are checked off the list, check the forecast. It’s best to prune on a clear, dry day. While trees are less susceptible to disease in the winter, it can still happen. Chances increase when fresh cuts become wet.

Now you’re ready to cut! Remove any dead and diseased branches first, unless they’re an important part of the tree’s structure. Then you may want to reconsider calling that professional. Dealing with an unstable tree is not for the uninformed.

Once all the damaged branches are gone, work on any smaller, overgrown branches that will let more light and air through once removed.

Get Your Trees in Good Shape

The goal of tree pruning is to foster a healthy, long term structure. So, if you’re looking to influence the future growth pattern of a tree, then the winter is the best time to do so. By properly pruning, you can help train the tree to steer clear of power lines, homes, or other important structures. Pruning also helps make a tree less dense so it lets through more light.

One of the best ways to prune a tree is to call a professional for help. Contact Elite Tree Care for a consultation with certified arborists that know how to care for your trees and encourage them to flourish beautifully in the spring.

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