When to Stop Pruning Trees

And When to Start

tree pruning

Given the right environment, trees can live a long, healthy life. The more it’s cared for in the early stages, the stronger it will grow, and the less attention it will need in the future. However, while trees in a forest may not need any human interaction, a tree in your yard relies on the right conditions. This means enough water, nutrient-rich soil, and regular pruning. But is there a time when you can stop pruning trees?

Proper Tree Care

Taking care of the trees around your home not only benefits the plant, but it helps protect your property from potential damage. Pruning trees of dead and diseased branches takes the risk out of those hazards from falling on your home or utility lines.

The question often arises, how often is tree trimming necessary? This depends on many factors. Some people prune more regularly to help maintain the look and size of a tree. Others only wait until the health of a tree declines.

Time of year also comes into play, since it’s better to prune a tree while it’s dormant in the winter. Unless you start to see signs of decay, wait until the leaves are gone, other plants aren’t obstacles, and the ground is frozen. This helps prevent additional damage to your yard and garden.

When to Stop Pruning Trees

Is there ever a time when you shouldn’t have to worry about pruning a tree at all? Here are some instances when you can leave your tree alone:

  • If your mature tree is in overall good health, it can last about five years without needing any pruning.
  • In extreme temperatures. It’s stressed enough, and pruning will only kick it into gear to grow and heal, stressing it out even more. Wait until the late winter or early spring if you can.
  • If you’ve already pruned a lot, stop. You don’t want to remove more than a third of the tree’s total growth at one time. If more really needs to be removed, you should call an arborist to evaluate whether or not it can be saved.
  • If you need to climb a ladder to prune—stop and call a professional.

Whether you think it’s time to prune or not, it’s always a good idea to get a professional opinion. Call the tree care experts at Elite Tree Care to help you determine when you can stop pruning a particular tree.

Tree Pruning Guide

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