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Cabling and bracing are popular ways of providing a tree with structural support. Branches and limbs can become so heavy that the trunk cannot support their weight. Cabling and bracing can help maintain a tree’s structural integrity. Learn more here. Read more

Five Reasons for Tree Removal

Five Reasons for Tree Removal

Trees are beautiful and, for the most part, valuable assets to any property. Though most certified arborists advise alternatives to avoid tree removal, sometimes a tree just has to go. Here are five reasons why a tree should probably be removed. Read more

Lot Clearing: What is Involved?

Lot Clearing: What is Involved?

Lot clearing is a common solution for properties undergoing a transformation. There are many factors that figure into the process. So, what's involved in lot clearing? Learn more details about lot clearing here. Read more

Winter is one of the best times to trim a tree. Trimming a tree correctly sets it up for success in spring while improper pruning can cause serious damage. Learn here more about the potential mistakes you can make while winter tree pruning. Read more

A number of situations can warrant a call to Elite Tree Care's emergency on-call tree services. That's why our arborists are around all day, every day, to help you out of jams. Click here to learn more about our 24/7 on-call emergency tree services. Read more

Five Reasons to Leave a Dying or Dead Tree

Five Reasons to Leave a Dead or Dying Tree

The Ecological Benefits of Dead and Dying Trees

Trees are an asset to nature—even when they’re dead or dying. Whether standing, fallen, or chopped down to a stump, they serve a number of purposes. Read on to learn five reasons for why you might want to leave your dead trees alone. Read more