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A young tree that is well-pruned will become healthier, more balanced, and less vulnerable to damage from heavy winds, ice, or snow. Follow our simple tips to prune a young tree and maximize its vigor and lifespan. Read more

Too many times, we've seen customers get disappointing or disastrous results after hiring an unqualified tree company. We get called in to try to fix the problem. You might be tempted to go with the lowest estimate you receive. But here's why, if you care about your property at all, hiring an ISA certified arborist is truly the only way to go. Read more

Removing the stump might cost you a few extra bucks up front, but consider it an investment in the long-term safety and beauty of your property. The removal itself can be achieved with chemicals, stump grinding, and/or digging. Consult with a reputable tree care company on the best and safest method for you. Read more

Pruning to Prevent Storm Damage

Pruning to Prevent Storm Damage

Proper pruning can help prevent major damage to your trees — and to the property surrounding them — when a storm hits. Consult a certified arborist to evaluate your trees and come up with a strategy for pruning and storm damage prevention. Read more